Goodbyes are Never Easy

I wrote the poem a while back. I came across it just now and thought I would share with you.



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The cool crisp air was as salty as her tears
The waves came in, washing away the sand
from under her feet, and taking with it her dreams.
Deep shadows formed as the sun whispered goodbye.
The tears dried up slowly, yet her eyes would not smile
Deep pools of darkness equates the sadness in her eyes
It is over the night wind whispered
It is over the sea gulls cried
It is over the waves echoed
It is time to say goodbye.


I Can go on

I can go on, 

In spite of shattered dreams,

And broken promises, I can go on.

I can go on,

When all seems lost,

And sorrow seems to,

Fragment my heart, I can go on.

I can go on,

When pain seems to be

My best friend,

And joy threatens to subside, I can go on.

I can forget

The hurt of yesterday,

And embrace tomorrow,

Knowing that,

If I have love in my heart,

No matter what

May come my way,

I can and I will go on.

What goes around comes around

I don’t know whether some women are naive or just plain foolish. I can never understand how a woman will cover up for or help a man to harm his wife and truly believe they can have a happy life together after. If he hurts her to be with you what make you think you are so special. Don’t you think he will hurt you too. What goes around have a way of coming back around. That is the law of nature.

Broken Trust

I want to trust you but my heart is so afraid,
You say you have changed,
But how can I be sure,
I want to believe you,
But I don’t want to have to re-live,
The heartache of the past.
Painful memories serves as a reminder,
Of the risks I have taken,
And the promises that have been broken.
I want to stay afloat,
Not suffocating in this love,
Drowning in my tears,
Knowing that your loyalty is not here.coollogo_com-2765358.png


No one wants to be alone but it is better to be alone than to be with someone who do does not love, respect, or appreciate you and makes you feel as if you are not important. There is no joy in being in love and unhappy. Living a miserable life is not living at all.

Things I Wished I Could Have Told Them

This week a story surfaced on face book about a young couple. The girlfriend who was apparently pregnant according to news stories killed herself in her dorm room. Her boyfriend who thought he was been unfairly blamed for her death killed himself a few days later.

I wished I could have told her that there is no problem in life that was worth taking her life. I wish I could have told her that she would get through it. I wish I could have told her its okay not to be perfect. I wish I could have told her to stay strong and not give up hope. I wish I could have told her that there was light ahead of the tunnel and with the help of God it would all work out right. There are so many things I wished I could have told her even though I didn’t know her. But now all I can say is “Rest In Peace.”

I Wished I could have told him that it wasn’t his fault. I wish I could have told him that somebody cared. I wish I could have told him that the pain in his heart would lessen with time.  I wished I could have told him that the storm would pass and someday life would again have meaning. I watched his video with tears in my eyes and my heart ached to see the anguish he was in. There are so many things I wished I could have told him even though I didn’t know him. But now all I can say is Rest in Peace…..

Parents, love your children hold them, hug them and let them know that no matter what problems they face in life you will be there for them and you will help them get through it. It is a terrible thing for a parent to have to bury a child.

Empowering Women


Does he try to control you?

One of the most important thing in a relationship is for a woman to never lose her individuality or her independence. She should be able to make important decisions for herself and not allow her partner to make those decisions for her.

Once you see that your partner is trying to control who you see, where you go and what you do there is cause for alarm. This is not normal behavior and you should never accept it because before you know it he will take full control of your life. Talk to him about it and tell him how you feel. If he reacts with aggression and insists on controlling you then you need to rethink the relationship.

Empowering Women


Does he Show Sign of Abusiveness

One of the many dangers faced by women is domestic violence in relationships. In my home country of Jamaica a total of ten women have been murdered by their partners in a little over two weeks. This is alarming.

Domestic violence is one of the most difficult crime to contain because in many cases you don’t know beforehand that it is going to happen. The onus therefore lies on the woman to take preventative measures to protect her life.

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If the man you are considering having a relationship shows signs of abusiveness or is known to have been abusive in a previous relationship stay clear of him. If he hurt you physically, even if it is one time do not give him the opportunity to put his hands on you again. Do not believe him if he tells you it will never happen again because in most cases it will.  The longer you remain in an abusive relationship the more power you give to the man and the more difficult it will be for you to end the relationship.

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Empowering Women


Does his Family Dislike You

You are dating him not his family so their opinion of you shouldn’t matter right?  Not quite, sometimes his family’s reaction to you can have an influence on the relationship. When you are up against his relatives who don’t like you  and do not approve of your relationship it can make it more difficult for things to work out with him.

The man may love you but may not like being in a situation where he has to choose between you and his family. If you find yourself in this situation tread carefully. It is going to take a lot of work from the both of you to reach a common ground with his family and make the relationship work.



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