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Sweet Bitter Love

Grayscale Photo of Woman Covering Her Mouth Using Her Hands

Dear sweet beautiful woman

I wish I could take you back in time

To where you saw love through rose colored lenses.

Dear beautiful woman

I wish I could take you back in time

To where falling in love was like falling

into a sweet dream you didn’t want to wake up from.

Dear beautiful woman all is not lost,

In time your broken heart will heal,

And perhaps one day You will find love again!

Broken Trust

I want to trust you but my heart is so afraid,
You say you have changed,
But how can I be sure,
I want to believe you,
But I don’t want to have to re-live,
The heartache of the past.
Painful memories serves as a reminder,
Of the risks I have taken,
And the promises that have been broken.
I want to stay afloat,
Not suffocating in this love,
Drowning in my tears,
Knowing that your loyalty is not here.coollogo_com-2765358.png

Alone by the Sea

The cool, crisp air was as salty as her tears,

The waves came in washing away the sand

from under her feet and taking with it her dreams.

Deep, dark shadows formed as the sun whispered goodbye,

The tears dried up slowly yet her eyes would not smile.

Deep pools of darkness equates the sadness in her eyes,

It is over the night wind whispered,

It is over the seagulls cried,

It is over the waves echoed,

It is time to say goodbye.

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