An Inspiring Tale

The Baker and the Farmer

A baker in a little country town bought the butter he used from a nearby farmer. One day he suspected that the bricks of butter were not full pounds, and for several days he weighed them.He was right. They were short weight, and he had the farmer arrested. At the trial the judge said to the farmer, “I presume you have scales?”

“No, your honor.” 

“Then how do you manage to weigh the butter you sell?” inquired the judge.

The farmer replied, “That’s easily explained, your honor. I have balances and for a weight I use a one-pound loaf I buy from the baker.”

Moral of the story – We must be fair when dealing with others in the same way we want them to deal fairly with us.

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Empowering Women


Never Get Involved With a Married Man

You would think that the fact that he is married would be a deterrent but despite this a lot of women get involved with married men and hang on to the hope that one day he will leave his wife.

Many women fall victims to the lie told to them by these men. Often times a man will make his wife out to be the problem in the relationship and offer the other woman hope that he will get a divorce. Some women are foolish enough to spend years waiting for him to be free, not grasping the fact that he has no intention of leaving home. Even if he does leave home what guarantee do you have that he wont do to you what he did to her. If he is married he is off limit so leave him alone.

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Life’s Lesson

Never be too quick to judge another person’s situation and never say “That could never happen to me.” The road of life has many twists and turns and sometimes the most unexpected things happen. No one is immune from life’s problems so show empathy for other because you just never know when you might need theirs.

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Empowering Women

Does He Have Multiple Baby Mothers

Ladies this is the year that we have to get real about relationships and ensure that we take the right path and make the right decisions.

A man with multiple baby mothers is probably a mover. Often times he is afraid of the responsibility of fatherhood so he keeps moving on once a child gets in the picture. A man like that rarely makes commitments to any woman and often times he is never there for his children.

This is clearly the type of man who you should stay away from. If you are unfortunate enough to fall under his spell make sure you don’t end up being another of his baby mama, unless of course you are prepared to raise your child alone. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can change him because these kind of men often live this lifestyle until life bites them in the ass. Don’t waste your time with someone like this.

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It’s A New Day

Don’t dwell on the past, it is behind you. Look to the future in front of you. Make peace with those who you are at odds with and make peace with yourself. Don’t stay stuck focusing on the mistakes you have made. Today is an opportunity for a fresh start and another chance to get it right.

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Any Bad Habit You Want to Lose in 2017?

I don’t know how many of you have this habit but for me procrastination is one habit that I want to lose in 2017. I keep putting things off or wait until the last-minute to get it done. Does anyone else have this habit? If so here is what we are going to do about it in 2017.

Get a small note-book and each night before you go to bed make a list of the things you want to get done the next day. Make sure you set achievable and realistic goals. Look at your list during the course of the day just as a reminder because when you are getting old like me, we tend to forget things.

At the end of each day look over your list, tick off the things you have accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back for all you got done.If you didn’t do it all aim to get it done the next day. Let’s try and see if it works.

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Happy 2017

It is a New Day, A new Year,  A new Beginning, A new opportunity to try again. You have 365 empty pages to fill. Write a beautiful and exciting story. Make this year the best ever. Happy New Year!

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