The World Will Break You…

The world will break you if you let it. But with a strong vision of self and confidence in your abilities. You will conquer the odds and come out victorious.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Words are not quite enough to say thank you to Mothers for all the sacrifices that they make. A mother’s love for her child without question is the most important love of all. Happy Mother’s Day to each and every Mother.

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Lesson on Success

If success was easy everyone would be successful so don’t be too hard on yourself if success hasn’t come as you envisioned. There will be ups and down and there may be setbacks. Persistency, effort and determination will prove to be your most valuable assets. Along with this will have to be a firm belief in yourself. When things get hard challenge yourself to try even harder. Think of someone who started out small like yourself and was able to succeed. Use that person as your motivation. Read books, build friendships and stay connected with like-minded people. Remember that it is up to you to create the life you want.

Face Your Fears

Too often we allow fear to hold us back. Too often the fears inside us become roadblocks hindering us from progressing. It is okay to have fears but we have to be brave enough to power through that fear and take that first step towards those dreams we  seek to achieve. It will not be easy but we must try to develop enough courage to overcome our fears.


Live Life With Purpose


A Little Love

A little love can light up the world and cast out some of the darkness. Let the light of love within you shine forth for all the world to see.

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The Route to Success

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