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Morning Motivation

The moment you stumble there will be those who are quick to write you off. In fact there may be those who secretly want to see you fail. The road to success is a arduous one. Don’t let them get into your head. Remember it takes strength to survive

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Gun Violence

How long must we continue to live in fear from gun violence while those in charge do nothing about it. Why is it that those in leadership are reluctant to implement measures that might help to stop the continued massacre of innocent people. Could it be because they are in their safe little world and it does not affect them and their families. What will it take for them to say enough is enough?

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Word of the Day

The world will drown you with all it’s distractions and chaos. It is okay to have a spiritual connection and to believe in a higher power. This devotional journal addresses some of those issues you may deal with in every life. It contains bible quotes and prayers aimed at getting you attuned to your spiritual side. It also encourages you to make daily affirmations that will strengthen your resolutions to stay focused and take control of your life.

Word of the Day: Quiet Moments of Reflection by [Seaton, Marva]
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Women’s Rights

There is a debate going on about abortion and many have mixed views about it. I do believe that each child that is conceived should be given the chance to experience life. However in certain circumstances such as rape and incest I believe women should have the right to choose what to do. We don’t know the mental and emotional well being of women caught up in these situations. Therefore no one should have the right to make that decision for them. What are your thoughts on this issue?