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Take time to Enjoy Nature

There is nothing better on a hot day

Than to feel the wind against your skin

On a dark and dreary day it is always

A wonderful sight to see that sun peeping through.

Take time to notice the birds, the butterflies

And the flowers. Nature is beautiful but we don’t

always take time to notice.

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If You Suffer From Depression Get Help

Yesterday I heard the heartrending story of a father who jumped in front of a moving train while holding his young daughter. He was instantly killed. Miraculously, the child survived and was able to crawl from under the train to good samaritans who took her to safety. The deceased man was said to be a good father, but he suffered from depression.

I cannot judge this man, clearly his thought process was not rational when he jumped. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about. In many cases medication can help. Do not keep it to yourself see a professional get help. You might not get a cure but you can get the help you need to live a normal and fulfilling life. Don’t suffer in silence. Get help.

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Is Social Media Making People Callous?

Earlier this week I hear the heartbreaking story of a teen who assaulted by a group of other teen and stabbed to death. He was was only sixteen years old. The reason for the stabbing was that he had walked another teen’s girlfriend home.

The worst part about this incident is, instead of trying to help many stood by and videotaped the incident. We have a generation who are more interested in getting an incident on video rather than helping someone in need of help. When did we become a society where all that matters is to get something on social media. If this is what the future hold, then the future looks bleak. It is so sad that this youngster lost his life in this manner.

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Hurricane Dorian Lashes the Bahamas

Prayers for the people of the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has lashed the Bahamas leaving devastation in its wake. We can only pray at this time that the loss of life will not be significant. It is going to take a lot of rebuilding to get the country back on its feet. But the most important thing at this time is for everyone to keep safe.