This too Shall Pass

Though the sky may seem grey, there is always a silver lining.
No matter how long and winding the path may seem
there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Strong Black Woman

As Black History Month draws to a close I would like to pay tribute to all women of color. I wrote the poems some years back and I want to share it with you. To every black woman who has gone through life believing she is not good enough; just know that you are enough!

Strong Black Woman

They told her she couldn’t do it,                          Image result for image of beautiful black woman

But she proved them all wrong.

Poor, bare foot country girl

Wanting to be doctor?

“Must be crazy,” they told her.

But she knew she was sane,

A doctor she wanted to be,

And for that goal she did aim.


They looked in awe and wonder,

Said she made them proud.

Yet they didn’t think her good enough,

For they told her she couldn’t have him,

Asked if she had lost her mind,

Doctor or not he wouldn’t marry her,

Her family was too poor,

And she was just too black.


She pitied their ignorance,

Felt ashamed for their own

lack of self-esteem.

She knew what she wanted

She knew together they would make a good team.

So she married him,

and stupid people that they were,

They wondered did he really love her or did she cast a spell?


Still enslaved by mental slavery,

They find it hard to understand,

That it is not the color of your skin,

Or the family you are from,

That defines you as a man or a woman.



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Never Get Tired of Doing Good

Never get tired of doing good. With all the chaos and turmoil in the world we could use more love and a helping hand

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What would You Change in the World if You Could?

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The Things You do and say Make a Difference

The things you do and say, can make a difference
in someone else’s life. It is important to
encourage, rather than always criticize. See the good in those
around you, and not always seek to see what’s wrong.
Some people fight silent battles, and sometimes
all they need, is a kind word or a helping hand.

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Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Dont wait for tomorrow to have (1)

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About Gratitude

, I want to be a cat.

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Everyone Deserves Happiness

The following may result in LOVE and warm fuzzy feelings. Tap at your own risk.

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Take life one day at a Time

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Motivational Monday

In everyone lies the capacity for greatness. Know your strength, the things you are good at and work at improving them. Your mind is a powerful tool. When used wisely you can achieve things that at first might have seemed impossible. Positive thinking can make a difference in everyone’s life. Learn to master the art of positive thinking.