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Morning Motivation

Woman Holding Hat And Smelling Yellow Flower

I won’t tell you, you will have a life without problems. I won’t tell you, things will always go as planned. To believe that would be nothing short of an illusion. What I will tell is, you cannot give way to negativity. No matter how dark the sky may seem you have to believe that the sun will shine again. When the storms of life rage, tell yourself, this too shall pass. Negativity will drown you in despair. Being positive will keep you afloat.


Love Fires

Love Fires
Love fires burn a tender flame,
No matter the storm or rain.
A small spark,
A slow flame,
And then a blazing furnace,
When love fires burn.
Forest fires will eventually go out,
A candle will burn itself out,
The coal in the fireplace will go out,
Love fires once lit,
Will burn to eternity,
Love fires never go out.