A teenager armed with an axe and knife attacked about twenty passengers on a train in Germany.  Nineteen people were hospitalized as a result and the attacker was shot dead by police.

Whether we like it or not we are at war. Terrorists are trying to spread fear all across the world. The weak minded are being brainwashed to believe there is something heroic about killing innocent defenseless people.

There is nothing heroic about shedding innocent blood. You do not become a martyr from killing defenseless people. You will not come back from the dead to another life you fools, you are going straight to hell.  You do not die looking like a hero you die looking like a fool!

Orlando Massacre

Once again there is another mass shooting. Once again the country is left in mourning. Once again we say R.I.P to the ones whose lives have been cut short unexpectantly. When will these shootings be taken seriously enough to warrant a ban on the sale of guns like the AR 15 assault rifle. How many more will have to die before enough is enough.

Words of Inspiration

Each day be grateful for life and the chance to do the things that you have not yet accomplished. You may have trials and there may be times times when you might get frustrated but hang in there and persevere. Have faith and do not allow doubts to keep you from fulfilling your dream.


We talk daily about stemming the spate of violence against women. We pay lip service about punishing offenders, but when is justice really served. When a judge sentences a privileged white man to six months in prison for brutally raping a woman what message is that sending to others like him?

The Judge in the Brock Turner case was more concerned about his welfare than that of the woman he raped. He is reported to have said “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him…I think he will not be a danger to others.”  So you the judge who women are looking to for justice is concerned about the impact prison will have on this convicted rapist. What about the indelible mark this man has left on this woman’s life. What about her physical, emotional and mental scars; her life will never be this same again.

This is a national disgrace. There should be one set of rules for all whether you are white or black or rich or poor. The privileged few should not be allowed to live above the law; there should be justice for all. Once again I have to ask, WHEN WILL WOMEN GET JUSTICE?