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A Little Love

A little love can light up the world and cast out some of the darkness. Let the light of love within you shine forth for all the world to see.

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The Route to Success

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The Most Important Things in Life

Thank God that the most important things in life are free. Can you image needing oxygen to breathe and not having the money to buy it. What a terrible thing that would be. Yes thank heavens that the most important things in life are free.


Happy Sunday

May God’s Grace be sufficient for you.
May He fulfill your every need and
fight your battles. May you have abundance
and success in life. Have a Happy and
Blessed Sunday!

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Be Careful Who You ask for Advice

Be careful who you ask for advice,
because a person with no vision of their own
will be quick to laugh at yours.”

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Emancipate Yourself

Emancipate yourself, 
From the bondage of violence, 
Which keeps you enslaved, 
Emancipate your mind from hatred, 
Which keeps the joy of loving at bay, 
Open up your hearts to love, 
For where there is love, 
There is no hatred, 
No hostility, no getting even, 
And violence and crime, 
Can not survive!

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You Have the Power Within…

You have the power within you to dictate the course of your day. So often it is not the problems that you encounter so much as the way you deal with them that impact your life. Never allow others to control your emotions. Not every situation deserves your attention or even a response. Sometimes you have to ignore people and walk away from negativity.

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