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The Art of Writing

Writing Tips

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What is one of the most important things you need to do to improve your writing skills? You might think that’s easy, I just need to write a lot. While writing until it becomes an habit is important, I would encourage writers especially new ones, to read more. Like any other field, to be successful writers need to be knowledgeable about their craft. Reading is the most valuable source of acquiring knowledge. Reading the work of others can help you to improve your own writing style and creativity. Good luck and happy writing.


Don’t Forget to say I Love You

Let Your Loved ones Know You Care

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The year 2020 if anything, has shown us how vulnerable we all are, and how precious this gift of life is. Many people went into hospital alone and scared, with no one stand by their side, or hold their hands. Some died alone, with no goodbyes. Many never got the chance to say, I love to family members or friends before they passed away.

Let us not take life for granted. Always remember to say I love you to those close to your heart. Let them know they are in your thoughts. Let them know you care. For life flashes by quickly and before you know it they are gone.

Books Writing

What is Your Reading Preference

Hard Copy, or Kindle?

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When I was growing up there was no kindle device or eBooks for that matter. All we had was the printed, hard copy form of a book. Times have evolved; we now have choices. These days we can read from our laptops, kindle devices, tablets, or cell phones. Most of these devices are perhaps more convenient when you want to read on the go. Despite modern technology a lot of people still love to have a physical copy of a book to read. So, what is your preference?


Don’t Stay Stuck

Evolve and Grow

Life and Living LIFESTYLE

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering Those Who Died

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Life is like a Storybook

Life is like a storybook, intricately woven with many twists and turns. However, unlike a storybook it is more complex, more unpredictable. In a storybook, you get to know all the characters and you know how the story ends. Life is unpredictable about who you will encounter, and you cannot guarantee how your story will end. The key is to live a life that others can emulate. When you are gone from this earth let it be said that this person came, lived, showed love and made a difference.

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Hold on to Hope

Be Hopeful

No matter how far you seem to be from where you want to be, never stop trying, and never stop believing that you will get there. The seasons are always changing. Many of us are going through a rough patch now, but change will come. Don’t give way to doubt. Think positive thoughts. God will not only fill your cup, but He will let it overflow with blessings.



Be thankful for today and for your blessings. Don’t wait for tomorrow to enjoy life, because tomorrow is not promised. All we are sure of is today. Make the most of it.


Happy Saturday

Hooray, you made it through another week. Happy Saturday everyone. Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.


An Apology

I am Sorry

Sorry is a word people often find difficult to say. And yet, saying those two words can avoid an argument, and even prevent discord among friends. I have seen friendships break up because of people’s refusal to say I’m sorry when they are wrong. We should never let our pride get in the way. Let us practice to say I’m sorry when we are wrong.