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Daily Motivation

It is Not Your Business What People Say About You

If you want to be happy in life, then quit worrying about what others say about you. In life you can’t please everybody and not everyone is going to love you. And that’s okay because there are people who are struggling to love themselves. Just do what is necessary to make yourself, and the people you hold dear to you, happy. In the long run that is what matters the most.

Life Lessons

It Takes Courage to Love

“It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know. We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing, receive nothing and therefore shrink until life is a mere living death.”

(Eleanor Roosevelt

Say Their Names

Today is Mother’s Day. For many it’s a time of celebration, but for many black Mothers it is their 911. It is the day their hearts are filled with sadness for the lives of their children unjustly taken away. Let us in black community stand together in solidarity with the grieving mothers. Let their children’s death not be in vain. Today and every Mother’s Day, let us say their names.

Say Their Names

Amaud Aubrey (25)
Tamir Rice (12)
Oscar Grant (22)
Samuel David Mallard (19)
Antwon Rose (13)
Stephon Clark (22)
Sean Reed (21)
Ariane McCree (28)
Darius Tarver (23)
Kwame KK Jones (17)
De’von Bailey (19)
Christopher Whitfield (31)
Anthony Hill (26)
Jamarion Robinson (20) Shot 76 times
Gregory Hill Jr. (30)
JaQuavion Slaton (20)
Ryan Twyman (24)
Brandon Webber (20) Shot 20 times
Jimmy Atchison(21)
Willie McCoy (20) Shot 25 times
Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford (22)
Jemel Roberson (26)
DeAndre Ballard (23)
Robert Lawrence White (41)
Anthony Lamar Smith (24)
Ramarley Graham (18)
Wendell Allen (20)
Kendrec McDade (19)
Larry Jackson Jr. (32)
Jonathan Ferrell (24)
Jordan Baker (26)
Victor White (22)
Dontre Hamilton (31)
Eric Garner (43)
Jamee Johnson (22)
Michael Dean (28)
Miles Hall (23)
William Green   
Trayvon Martin (17)
Michael Brown (18)
Terrance Franklin (22)
Botham Jean (26)
Ezell Ford (25)
Dante Parker (36)
Kajieme Powell (25)
Laquan McDonald (17)
Akai Gurley (28)
Rumain Brisbon (34)
Jerame Reid (36)
Charly Keunang (43)
Tony Robinson (19)
Walter Scott (50)
Freddie Gray (25)
Brendon Glenn (29)
Samuel DuBose (43)
Christian Taylor (19)
Jamar Clark (24)
Mario Wood (26)
Quintonio LeGrier (19)
Gregory Gunn (58)
Akiel Denkins (24)
Alton Sterling (37)
Philando Castile (32)
Terrence Sterling (31)
Terrence Crutcher (40)
Jordon Edwards (15)
Stephon Clark (22) Shot 20 times
Danny Ray Thomas (34)
DeJuan Guillory (27)
Patrick Harmon (50)
Maurice Granton (24)
Julius Johnson (23)              

In a civilized society we cannot continue to make excuses for the deaths of unarmed black men. Every citizen has the right to life irrespective of skin color. Every mother deserves to experience joy on Mother’s Day.


I Can go on

I can go on, 

In spite of shattered dreams,

And broken promises, I can go on.

I can go on,

When all seems lost,

And sorrow seems to,

Fragment my heart, I can go on.

I can go on,

When pain seems to be

My best friend,

And joy threatens to subside, I can go on.

I can forget

The hurt of yesterday,

And embrace tomorrow,

Knowing that,

If I have love in my heart,

No matter what

May come my way,

I can and I will go on.

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