Daily Motivation

Soar like an Eagle

Sometimes it is through life’s challenges that you get to know how much you are capable of. It is easy to fall among the cracks, easy to buy into the idea that you will never be good enough. Since setting for mediocrity is an easy feat it is up to you to challenge yourself to seek for more. Even when what you seek seems unattainable, never give up hope. Shut out the voices of naysayers and listen to that inner voice which whispers, it can be done. You can do it.

Daily Motivation

Greatness Lies Within You

In everyone lies the capacity for greatness. Know your strength, the things you are good at and work at improving them. Your mind is a powerful tool. When used wisely you can achieve things that at first might have seemed impossible. Positive thinking can make a difference in everyone’s life. Learn to master the art of positive thinking.

Daily Motivation

The Things you say Make a Difference

The things you do and say, can make a difference in someone else’s life. It is important to encourage, rather than to always criticize. Try to see the good in those around you, and not always seek to find what’s wrong. Some people fight silent battles, and sometimes all they need, is a kind word or a helping hand. You can make a difference!

You are Enough

You are enough

Have you ever felt that you are not beautiful enough, not sophisticated enough or not educated enough? Chase those thoughts away, because the reality is you are perfect just the way you are, and you can be anything you set your mind to be. Don’t seek perfection, it does not exist. Each day work on yourself to be better than the day before and happier than you thought you could ever be.

Tomorrow is Not Promised

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. All we are sure of is now, this moment that we have. Don’t waste it worrying about situations over which you have no control. Instead use it productively. Be grateful for each moment you are given and use it wisely. Some people spend years holding on to anger and resentment because of ills that was done to them. They were kept prisoners, bound by anger and ill feelings towards the ones who did them wrong. This is no way to live. It is better to forgive and move on. For a soul filled with anger will find no peace, and it’s up to you to free yourself. Your assignment today is to let go of the hurt you have being holding on to and try to forgive the person who hurt you. Do it for you!

Keep Hope Alive

The struggle is real for a lot of folks. Sometimes survival means just being able to keep a roof over your head and food on your table. No matter what you may be going through right now it is okay to dream of better days when life will be the way you want it to. Keep that dream within your heart and never let go of hope. One day you will see your dream come true.

Don’t let Obstacles Deter You

Few people go through life without facing obstacles. Sometimes even the people you call friends will turn on you. Don’t put your faith in man but rather put your trust in God. He will help you to weather the storms of life and turn what was meant for you harm into something that will uplift you.

You are Capable of Greatness

I believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I believe that one person reaching out with a hand extended in kindness, can make a difference in someone else’s life. So do what you can and be a blessing to someone.

Hang in There

beautiful landscape | garden beth | Flickr

In the past year, people have learned to adjust to a new normal. Many have experienced immeasurable grief due to the loss of loved ones. As we witness the death of so many around us, we have learned to be more appreciative and grateful for life. Every day is special and a reminder of how blessed we are.

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