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Like many writers I use more than one pen names for my writing. One is Marva Seaton, the other is Molly Deen. Marva writes inspirational nonfiction, Romance and Suspense. Molly writes books that are a little more racy. Take a peek and see if you find a book you might like to read!Amazon

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Books by Marva Seaton

When a young girl went missing in a small town, everyone was puzzled. All the searches for Gillian Spencer came up futile. Her family thought her dead. Years later someone stumbles upon the missing girl. Sh

Meditation is stimulating to the mind and relaxes the body. It calms you and increases concentration. It boosts your mood and increases your feeling of happiness!  This easy to use devotional journal with bible verses and prayers will help you with your daily meditation.

Neither Patricia Reynolds or Stephanie Osbourne cared much for their friend Betsy Turner boyfriend Joe. He was one of those strong silent type who hardly smiled. Joe’s rough, demeanor made the girl believe he was not treating Betsy right. But could they be wrong about Joe?
Positive thought that encourages you to develop a positive mindset.



When a young girl who went missing in a small town everyone was puzzled. All the searches for Gillian Spencer came up futile. Her family thought her dead. Years later someone stumbles upon the missing girl. She is alive and living in another country but she has no recollection of her past. The path to the truth unravels a twisted path of lies, deceit and murder and at the center of which, was a powerful and influential man. Would Gillian get justice?


The path to love is sometimes a rocky one. But when love fires ignite, the heart wants more.
A book of poetry
In The Collection Marva explores the intricacies of human relationships. She walks you down avenues of love and harmony, deception and betrayal. She exposes some of the harsh realities of abuse against women. There are happy moments, sad moments and moments of outrage. It all comes together in this compilation of poems –

Books By Molly Deen

An intriguing story of love, passion and desires.
From the moment Lucy eyes caught the handsome stranger she wanted to get to know him better. She soon found out Nate Sullivan was a man that was hard to resist. (Book 1)
It was not hard for Lucy Sullivan to fall under the spell of Luther Harrison. He was devilishly handsome and sexy but also Cassie her maid. That was out of the question, or was it…
Kenneth Benson like most men in the small community of Alpine considered Esmeralda Penwright unattractive. That was until that night when fate brought them together. Now he can’t keep his hands off her. They must keep their affair a secret. No one can find out about the passionate love affair between the town’s spinster and their dear pastor
Esmeralda Penwright had long ago accepted her fate as a lonely, unwed woman with no hopes of landing a man. She never thought she could ever fall in love until Kenneth Benson came along and changed everything.
Thirty- seven year old Daisy Dawson had given up her life as a stripper when she married her eighty-five year old husband Alfred. She promised to be faithful, that was until the heart throb Rory showed up. When her nosy neighbor threatens to tell her husband she is having an affair, Daisy must find a way to keep her quiet
Rosa was never interested in sex and her husband Gary claimed she was frigid. However Gary got the shock of his life to find that his frigid wife wasn’t so frigid after all.

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I am putting a list of fellow bloggers who write books and hope you don’t mind if I include a shout out to you. It will post on the 30th. Hope you have a wonderful and memorable holiday season, Marva. Hugs, Robin


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