Whisper a Dream


Sometimes you have to keep believing that dream and hang on to the hope that against all odd your dream will become a reality!

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself,
And what you can be,
And not what others,
Think that you are,
Believe in your dreams,
And what you can achieve,
If you work towards your goal,
Believe in tomorrow,
And the hope that it brings,
With the dawn of each new day,
Believe in love,
And the one that you love,
The person you know him or her to be,
But the most important of all of these,
Is that you believe in you.

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Let Go of Doubt

Today you must say to self-doubt you cannot stay, I have no room for you. In order to achieve growth you have to first break up with the doubter within you because if you don’t it will hold you back and prevent you from taking the steps to achieve your goals.

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Be Hopeful

Move forward today on wings of hope. If problems come have faith and believe that you will find a way to cope. You may face challenges from left and right. Be strong, stand tall and do not give up the fight. Be grateful for the blessings of each new day and for the opportunity to try again to make your dreams a reality.


Memories of You

It’s been so many years since you went away,
The memories still lingers,
I think of you everyday,
I miss your smile and laughter,
I miss the good times that we shared,
The angels came so quickly,
There was no time to say goodbye,
Every time I think of this it brings tears to my eyes.
At times I feel your presence near me,
When I am in deep despair,
I can almost hear you saying,
“Don’t cry my dear I’m here,
I will never leave you,
So there is no need to say goodbye.
Enjoy your life, be happy this is what I wish for you.
I will be waiting on the other side to welcome you,
When the angels bring you home.