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The Fear

I see in your eyes,
Reflections of me,
The tenderness of your smile,
Showing the love you try,
So hard to disguise,
Breaking through the wall,
You build around you,
In your desperate bid to be free.

I see you trying to reach out,
to the future,
Yet so afraid to let go of the past,
Afraid that history will repeat itself,
So you remain in your safe world.

It’s not that you are a coward,
It’s just that you are afraid,
Too afraid to trust,
Too afraid to believe in me,
Too afraid to stay,
Lest you fall in love.

So you play a game,
Of forever running away,
My heart bleeds for you,
And I understand your pain,
For worst than the fear,
Of having one’s heart broken,
Is the fear of falling in love.

Marva Seaton


Questions of the Heart

What is life, and what of love,
Moments when speech is not necessary,
There is no need for spoken words,
And the language of the flesh,
Is the language expressed.
Lips meet, hands reach out,
Frantic and searching,
Hungering for love’s fulfillment,
And one look says more,
Than a hundred spoken words can.

Lying in your arms,
Can you look in my eyes,
And see past me,
To the yearning in my soul?
Can you see what no other eyes can,
This hunger in my soul?
And when your arms are locked about me,
And I give in willingly to your desires,
Do you seek to please me, or just yourself?

Would you think it silly,
If I should cry in your arms?
If you wish to speak,
And I say I prefer the silence?
Would you think it silly,
If all I want tot do,
Is to lie in your arms,
Savoring your warmth,
Holding on to you as if there,
Is no tomorrow?

Will you ever really understand me?
This child-like part of me,
That clings to you,
As if afraid to let go?

Marva Seaton

Inspirational words

Best Of Life {By Michael Dubina}

The best of life is still ahead,
in the greying years, to be,
For dreams and hopes of life and love
Are slow to ecstasy.

And God is known to save the best
For aging years of time
When hearts are most in need of love
And joys that are sublime.
He knows of how we wish and pray
For wants of love and needs
And how we plead and pray to him
For joys within His creed;
So he reserves our greying years
To be the best of all –
With hopes and dreams to be fulfilled
And loves to be recalled.

Thought For Today

Thought For Today

Never give up on your hopes and your dreams.  The going will not always be easy.  You may have to stop and take a rest sometimes.  At times you may feel like giving up.  It is at these times you have to dig deep within for that inner strength to go on.  Trust in God, believe in Him and He will see you through.  No matter what the problem is, it is never too great for him to solve.  Life is full of trials and obstacles to overcome but at the end of the dark clouds there is a silver lining and one day you will find yours.