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Word of the Day RESTORATION

Word of the Day: RESTORATION

God is a God of restoration. He can restore that broken friendship, that broken relationship, and that broken marriage. Whatever is broken in your life God can restore it. He will restore you health, your finance, your joy and peace of mind.


Don’t wait to do what should be done

That you have long delayed –

For we are not assured the grace

To live beyond today;

And we cannot return from death

To what we left behind,

To do some deed we should have done

For God or humankind

Don’t wait to speak the words of love

Another waits to hear;

Don’t wait to hug, in warm embrace,

Some heart you hold so dear;

And wait no more to share your wealth

With charities in need

Or beg forgiveness of the Lord

For hidden, sinful deeds

Today is yours to do or say

What you have long delayed –

That should be said – or should be done

Before your judgment Day;

And you, dear heart – just you alone –

Know what you’ve left to do

To better complement your life

Before this day is through

~~~Michael Dubina~~~

Thank You God for Everything

Thank you for the golden days’

When life is free from strain.

Thank you for the darker days

That have a thread of pain.

For all the pain you give to me

Makes me kneel in prayer

To You who made the universe

And know my every care.

I find that when I bend the knee,

It’s then my will bends too,

To Your great will that knows what’s best

And cares if dreams come true.

When my will is in tune with Yours,

My life becomes a song

That’s sung in two-part harmony

And angels sing along.

Margaret Peterson


Life is more than what we see

It’s little steps to eternity.

All we are is counted and stored

In God’s great heart that is often ignored.

Gifted with talents from His own hand,

And given free will the way he planned,

We are sent forth but not sent alone

But are given an angel of our very own…

Who guides us and guards us each passing day

To help us do rightly and always to pray.

We seem to become what the world sees and knows.

God sees more – Is it Him that we chose?

~Margaret Peterson~