I Am Not Afraid

I walk with my head held high,
and I am not afraid to pursue my dreams,
overcome my challenges,
remove my obstacles,
I am not afraid of change.
For the past I have no regrets,
What’s done is done,
it was how it was meant to be.
To the future I look without fear,
for I know God will see me through.
He directs my path,
He shows me the way to go.
I can count on Him to lead and guide me,
in the pursuit of my dreams and final destiny.

Inspirational words

Best Of Life {By Michael Dubina}

The best of life is still ahead,
in the greying years, to be,
For dreams and hopes of life and love
Are slow to ecstasy.

And God is known to save the best
For aging years of time
When hearts are most in need of love
And joys that are sublime.
He knows of how we wish and pray
For wants of love and needs
And how we plead and pray to him
For joys within His creed;
So he reserves our greying years
To be the best of all –
With hopes and dreams to be fulfilled
And loves to be recalled.

Thought For Today

Thought For Today

Never give up on your hopes and your dreams.  The going will not always be easy.  You may have to stop and take a rest sometimes.  At times you may feel like giving up.  It is at these times you have to dig deep within for that inner strength to go on.  Trust in God, believe in Him and He will see you through.  No matter what the problem is, it is never too great for him to solve.  Life is full of trials and obstacles to overcome but at the end of the dark clouds there is a silver lining and one day you will find yours.