Hang in There {Ruth M Gilmour}

Smile, be happy, laugh a lot,
Don’t shed another tear;
A wonderful life is waiting for you,
So face it without fear.

There’ll be problems to solve, hurdles to cross,
Work hard and know you can cope.
With God at your side, Him as your guide,
Each day will bring you new hope.

Day will pass by and turn into years,
The ache in your heart will soon heal;
Keep your faith and know that God always cares,
So tackle each day with zeal.

Courage my friend and trust be with you,
Accomplish each task with a grin;
Hang in there, you will make it I know,
Remember your God, you have Him.

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Don’t Wait



Don’t wait to do what should be done,
That you have long delayed –
For we are not assured the grace
To live beyond today;
And we cannot return from death
To what we left behind,
To do some deed we should have done
For God or humankind.

Don’t wait to speak the words of love
Another waits to hear,
Don’t wait to hug, in warm embrace,
Some heart you hold so dear;
And wait no more to share your wealth
With charities in need
Or beg forgiveness of the Lord
For hidden, sinful deeds.

Today is yours to do or say
What you have long delayed –
That should be said – or should be done
Before your Judgement Day;
And you, dear heart – just you, alone –
Know what you’ve left to do
To better complement your life
Before this day is through.

Michael Dubina


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Every Morning {Grace E. Easley}

Waking up each morning
Brings an eagerness to live,
And joy seeps from my waiting heart,
As through an open sieve.
The years seem to have no consequence,
And I am once again
Soaking up God’s goodness,
Like the brown earth after rain.
My cross is not so heavy
When view in morning light,
And I can face by day the thoughts
I could not bear at night.
It’s only in believing that
God shares my narrow way;
That I can keep the best in life,
And throw the rest away.
It’s all in how you look at life
That tells the final tale;
How well you measures up decides
If you win or fail.
So when I wake each morning,
Though I can’t see His face,
I know God walks beside me,
And the world’s a better place.

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Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord {Shirley H. Powell}

I won’t worry about tomorrow, Lord,
I’ll leave that up to you.
I place my faith and trust in You
In whatever you decide to do.

My frets and fears of yesteryear
And sins of distant past
Are needless things to worry about,
For upon you they were cast.

Today, I promise to do my best
To please You ion every way
I’ll hold steadfast and keep the faith
And never give in to dismay.

To shine your light within my heart
Is my heartfelt, earnest prayer.
I’ll cast my cares upon the Lord,
For I know that You are always there.

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That is what I Know {Steven M. Schumacher}

Few things in life are certain,
But I know beyond a doubt,
Faith in God is the one thing
That I cannot live without.
I don’t know what each day holds,
Yet, the Lord is at my side,
And through prayer, I’m confident
What I need He shall provide.
Oh, others might let me down,
But God is steadfast and true;
He will take good care of me…
And do just the same for you!

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Sometime in Silence {Katherine Smith Matheney}

It is sometime in silence
I know how I feel,
And ask God for mercy
When nothing seems real.

And I ask Him, “Oh Father,
Please show me the way,”
Seems I hear a voice whisper
If humble you pray.

When the way groweth dreary
And there’s darkness around,
And I search for that something
That I hadn’t yet found…

Seemed I heard a voice whisper
“I will show you the way.”
Only trust in God’s promise
He will hear when you pray

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A Day to Praise {Helen Gleason}

It’s a lovely day to praise the Lord,
A day that’s fresh and new
That’s filled with Nature‘s beauty,
Created just for you.

It’s a lovely day to look, to see
The flowers, the trees, the birds.
The music of their voices rings,
None sweeter can be heard.

It’s a lovely day to thank the Lord
As all around we see
The vastness of blue skies above
And feel the Summer breeze.

It’s a lovely day to thank and praise
For a world that’s all in tune,
The wonders of the ocean’s tides,
The stars, the sun the moon.

It’s a lovely day to think of how
He cares for us each day.
As we journey in this life,
He’s there to lead the way.

It’s a lovely day because He gives
A hope that we can share
On earth a glimpse of Heaven
Where mansions are prepared.

A day to see, to thank, to praise
For such a God of love,
For blessings here on earth He gives
And eternal life above.

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Lost and Found {By Linda-Marie Bariana}

Before I knew Lord Jesus,
I was so involved in me,
But now that He lives in my heart
There’s so much joy to see!

Before I walked with Jesus,
My steps would always stray,
But now my day is incomplete
Unless I kneel and pray!

Before I trusted Jesus,
I was empty deep inside,
But now He handles all my cares;
His love in me abides!

Before I served sweet Jesus,
I had no special goal,
But now I know His plan for me;
Instead of half, I’m whole

Before I praised Lord Jesus,
Each day was ever the same,
But now my heart rejoices
As each day I praise His name!

For His blessings are unending,
And His graces are profound,
And his hope is so fulfilling,
Only happiness abounds!

So accept Him as your savior,
Then invite Him as your guest,
When you give your life to Jesus,
He will smile and do the rest!

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Belief Brings Peace {By Gina Mazzullo Laurin}

Believe in God’s faithfulness
In whatever you do,
Believe in His wisdom
To do right by you,
For His knowledge surpasses
The wisest of men
And His power is greater
Than we comprehend.
With One such as He
In our hearts, by our side,
We can walk down life’s roads
With a confident stride.
And though there are troubles
And trials in this life,
Know the great God of Heaven
Can handle your strife.

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God’s Love [By Charles Clevenger ]

‘Do unto others,’ says the Golden Rule,
‘As you’d have them do unto you.’
It’s a simple rule to live by,
Day by day – the whole year through.

We all are God’s precious children,
No matter the creed, color or race.
Let our lives reflect God’s abiding love
So others will know His grace.

Don’t hide your light ‘neath a bushel,
Let it shine – for all to see.
The world is to be our parish
To extend love to humanity.

Have I done my best, I muse.
Shown clarity towards my fellowmen;
Have I used my God-given talents
To show God’s love where I can?

Don’t hide your light in the shadows,
Nor allow it to grow faint or dim.
Let it shine with all its glory –
To proclaim your love for Him.