Inspirational words

Life Isn’t Always Easy {Linda C. Grazulis}

Life isn’t always easy,
‘Oft we shed a tumbling tear or more,
Dreams can unexpectedly shatter
As we take a nosedive to the floor.

Heartaches can arrive in all their fury,
As our heads with worry start to throb;
But praise God for fervent prayer to lean on
As we bow our troubled souls and sob.

We were never promised a bed of roses
Strewn on our path below;
And trials are often heavy burdens –
A meadow full of dandelions and woe.

But please believe in a divine purpose
For every fiery lash
That sets our feet off balance
As our hopes set sail, but crash.

Oh, take heart weary pilgrims –
Look up to Heaven’s throne,
Dial the prayer line to the Master –
You need not bear such pain alone.

It isn’t always easy to trek this journey
‘Cause thorns sprout along the way.
Nevertheless, rosebuds are prone to blossom –
Weary pilgrim lean on God’s timing today.


Thought For Today

Belief Brings Peace {By Gina Mazzullo Laurin}

Believe in God’s faithfulness
In whatever you do,
Believe in His wisdom
To do right by you,
For His knowledge surpasses
The wisest of men
And His power is greater
Than we comprehend.
With One such as He
In our hearts, by our side,
We can walk down life’s roads
With a confident stride.
And though there are troubles
And trials in this life,
Know the great God of Heaven
Can handle your strife.