A Thought for Today

Think before you speak. Think twice before you act because what you say or do cannot be undone and memories don’t leave, they linger on. Create good ones.

Morning Motivation

Not everyone will share your dream or support you. But that won’t stop you from achieving success!

Morning Motivation

Hang in There

Sometimes you wonder why everything is taking so long. You are praying but God doesn’t seem to be listening. You are working hard but success still seems a far way off. You see others succeeding and you wonder what you are doing wrong. Take heart and don’t give up. Hang in there. God will come through for you!

Morning Motivation

Let Go and Let God

You won’t be able to do it alone. Sometimes the answers will seem to elude you. Sometimes your faith will be tested. Sometimes you will feel as if you are going through a dark tunnel with no end in sight. Through it all, always remember there is a higher force. Don’t be afraid to call upon him. Sometimes you have to let go and let God’s will be done.