Today’s Positive Quote

“Never get tired of doing good, even when people turn out to be ungrateful. The good you do will one day come back to you.”

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A Thought for Today

“We would have a lot less problem in the world if we talked to each other instead of about each other, if we tried to understand and be less quick to criticize.”

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Start your day off by making an affirmation that no matter what you may encounter today you will have a great day in spite of it. Sometimes having a great day begins with the determination to make it great. Have a great day you wonderful people. Life was made for living and to be happy.

Enjoy the Roses!

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Have Compassion

The separation of children from their parent which is current happening as immigrants seeking a better life try to enter the United States is a cruel and inhumane act. These children are caught up in something which they have no control over. Their lives are already been traumatized by them having to flee what they knew was home to go to a place unknown. How can they ignore the cries of these innocent children and snatch them from the arms of their parents. Why is it okay to subject these children to psychological and emotional trauma. If these immigrants have to be turned back so be it but in the name of humanity do not separate children from their parents.

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