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“Give the Devil His Due”

Bruce Golding it appears is one of the most unpopular Prime Minister Jamaica has ever had.  He has been criticized a lot over the years in his tenure as prime minister.  He has made some mistakes; the handling of the Manatt/ Dudus  affair for one, which happens to be one of the reasons he has been forced to resign.  While some are busy pointing out his failures, we all need to be objective and comment also on the good he has done.  Under his administration people are now able to access free health care.  People no longer have to pay when they go to hospitals or clinics for medical attention.  He may have done some things which caused him to lose credibility, but he is only human.  As the old saying goes ”Give the devil his due.”

Who Will Be The New Leader Of The J.L.P.?

With Bruce now clearly out of the picture the question on everyone’s lip is who will be the new leader of the Jamaica Labour Party?  So far the most popular choice seems to be Andrew Holness with Christopher Tufton and Audley Shaw coming in second and third respectively.  If Bruce is to have his way the race for leadership will play out between Holness and Tufton.  The question is those who have the influence and finances who will they put their behind, the new blood or will they cling on to the old?  Who do you think will be the best person to lead the party into the next election?  (Please leave a comment on your views on the matter)

“Nuff Respect Bruce”

In his address to the nation last night Prime Minister Bruce Golding stated his reasons for resigning as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party. Although many I think were expecting to hear of internal disagreements within the party; his explanations were fair enough. I think what he did was very honorable. Very few politicians would have done what Mr. Golding has done and this I think will earn him more respect from the Jamaican people. Mr. Golding in his address stated quite clearly that he would like to see one of the more youthful politicians taking over leadership of the party. One can only wait and see how this will all unfold.

Well Played Bruce

Prime minister Bruce Golding today announced that he will not seek reelection as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and that he would resign as Prime minister as soon as a new leader was chosen.  This announcement of course caught everyone by surprise and many began to speculate on who the new leader will be.  In a not surprising turn of events the party voted unanimously to reject Bruce’s decision to step down.  I think this hand was well-played by Bruce, it was really a smart move.

Fifth and Fourth Form Students Receive Personal Laptops

St. Kitts and Nevis high school fourth and fifth form students were presented with their own personal computers.  The computers were a gift from the Republic of China (Taiwan)  This gift will no doubt be a big boost to the country’s education system.

Today For Me Tomorrow For You

It is amazing how people can be insensitive to others not realizing that anything can happen to anyone.  I recall an incident with a brother and a sister.  The brother was mentally challenged. One day the sister came in a furniture store where I was working at the time; the brother happened to be passing by saw her and came in, walked up to her and greeted her with a hug. She shrugged him off and started cursing him, telling him not to hug her.  Somewhat surprised at her behavior, I reminded her that he was her brother.  She replied “Yes, but a don’t want him hugging me in public”.  About a year later she suffered some kind of mental breakdown and she was in the street acting all crazy and I said to myself,  just look at that!  We need to be careful how we treat each other for we know not what tomorrow will bring.

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