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Extreme Rules

Extreme rules got off to an exciting start with the match Randy Orton VS Kane.   The moment the bell rang Kane took the fight to Orton, but Orton was ready for it.  Blow for blow they went at each other.  Fans were given a close up view as the fight went from the ring into the crowd and later backstage where for a while Kane was in full control.  Randy managed to fight his way back into the game and  they fought their way back into the ring  where Randy unleashed on Kane with a steel chair, then slammed him on the announce table.  Kane countered slamming Randy into the steel post at ringside.  Randy recovered and dropped Kane from the top rope.  He went for the RKO but Kane countered delivering a choke slam to Orton.  Kane went for the tombstone but Orton countered with a RKO to win the match.

Brodus Clay VS Dolph Ziggler

An early distraction from Jack Swagger took Brodus came off his game.  Ziggler of course capitalized sending Clay out of the ring where he was attacked by Swagger.  However despite Swagger interference and his attack on Clay outside of the ring, Brodus Clay was able to fight his way back into the match and defeat Ziggler.

 Cody Rhodes VS Big Show

In this tables match Big Show was in full control of the match tossing Cody around.  It seemed pretty certain that The Big Show was going to win the match.  However in a bizarre twist Big Show was kicked by Cody when he attempted to enter the ring, he lost his footing and stepped on the table, breaking it.  Cody won the match taking back The Intercontinental Championship.  The Big Show out of frustration put Cody through not one,  but two tables.

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan

YES, YES, YES Sheamus is still the World Heavy Weight Champion!  Bryan went in for the fight of his life with one goal in mind, to win back his World Heavyweight Championship which he lost at Wrestlemania.  When Sheamus injured his shoulder Bryan quickly got to work on it.  For a while it seemed the odds were in Bryan’s favor.  Sheamus won the first round by disqualification.  Bryan then applied the Yes Lock and won the second fall by submission.  Despite his injuries Sheamus was able to deliver a kick to Bryan’s head which won him the match.  Who is Bryan going to blame this time for his loss.  He can’t blame it on AJ this time around!

C.M. Punk VS Chris Jericho

Jericho came out looking rather smug, he distracted the referee by holding on to him and took the opportunity to poke Punk in the eye.  Punk tried to put Jericho through a table but Jericho countered.  For a while Jericho was in  control and he took the opportunity to taunt Punk’ Jericho started celebrating too soon throwing beer all over Punk.  But Punk took the fight back to Jericho.  The match went back and forth near fall after near fall.  Jericho gave Punk the Codebreaker then went for the Walls of Jericho.  Punk was in trouble in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go but he refused to tap out.  Punk’s only way out was to use a fire extinguisher to momentarily blind Jericho and made him release his hold.  Punk then went extreme jumping from the top rope, putting Jericho through the announce table. Punk put a submission hold on Jericho.  Jericho used a stick on Punk to fight his way out.  He once again gave Punk the Codebreaker but Punk managed to kick out.  A frustrated Jericho began shouting at Punk to stay down.He tried to use one of Punk’s moves against him but Punk countered throwing Jericho against the exposed turnbuckle and finished with the Go to Sleep.   He defended his family’s honor and retained his title.

Cena VS Lesnar 

The moment the match began Lesnar too kit to Cena using his elbow to cut Cena’s head open starting off with a psychological advantage over Cena.  He knew he was in control and spent his time working on the wound.  If Lesnar thought Cena would go down without a fight that is where he went wrong.  Busted head or not Cena was not going to wave any white flag.  He was hurt he was in pain but it was no retreat, no surrender.  Cena fought his way back into the match, he showed Lesnar what he was made of.  He showed him he was no quitter.   Cena evened the score by busting Lesna’s head open.  Cena took the upperhand after that and in true Cena form,  won the match.

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Friday Night Smackdown

John Laurinaitis is now General Manager of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.  Not surprisingly he has started to abuse his power.  He offered Teddy Long a job then threatened to suspend his grandchildren education fund if he did not accept.  That is sinking a bit low.  Mess with the man all you want but when it comes to children’s education, you don’t mess with that.  He should be ashamed he even said that for the world to hear.  He is talking about people power, giving the people what they want but what he is displaying is Johnny’s power, getting even with the  people who supported Teddy Long.

He has already threatened C M Punk and tonight R Truth was his first victim on Friday Night Smackdown when he was placed in a handicap match with David Otunga and the world’s strongest man Mark Henry.  I do hope good sense will prevail and he will focus more on pleasing the people rather than pleasing himself.

Randy Orton redeemed himself after his loss at Wrestlemania by beating Kane in a No Disqualification Match.  It was a tough fight going back and forth but in the end Randy managed to pull off a RKO which won him the match.  No doubt Kane is going to want to return the favor.  We are going to see how this one goes.

Tonight Daniel Bryan displayed to the world that he really is a jerk.  I am not surprised that he blames AJ for his loss at Wrestlemania, sharing none of the blame himself.  As far as he was concerned it was all her fault. If he had won he of course would have taken full credit.  It comes as no surprise also that he would publicly humiliate her by dumping her in public, he never did care much about her in the first place, but calling her dead weight and shouting at her to get out of his ring?  That was taking it a bit far.

Big Show continued his winning streak by defeating Heath Slater.  He attempted a cat and mouse game with with Cody, however Cody got away.   Alberto De Rio returned to Friday Night Smackdown and was able to manipulated his way into winning the match causing Sheamus to lose his temper and attack the referee.  This of course will not go down well for Sheamus.

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Wrestlemaina 28

Wrestlemania 28

Yes WWE fans it’s wrestlemania time again, just two days before the big event takes place in Miami Florida. This year’s wrestle mania is going to be another interesting and exciting one. Most of the matches are something to look forward to. I am going to touch on them in no particular order of how they will appear in wrestle mania.

First up is the match between Daniel Bryan and
Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. To be honest Bryan has held the title much longer than many of us expected him to. Part of the reason is the way he is able to weasel himself out of certain situations, sometimes putting his girlfriend AJ in harm’s way, not that she seems to mind.
Come Sunday Bryan is going to do one of two things; defend his title like a man or get AJ to interfere in some way or the other so he can retain the title. I think Sheamus is going to come prepared and for this match I give Sheamus a win over Bryan.

Randy Orton VS Kane

This is a match that can go either way. Both of these men are tough competitors and are evenly matched. Neither will want to lose to the other. They are two of the most dominant forces in the WWE. Will Randy be able to win against the Big Red Monster?  If he is able to pull off a RKO he will.  This is going to be a tough one but I am going to give Randy the edge over Kane.

Big Show VS Cody Rhodes

While this is not one of the great matches of wrestle mania 28 it might turn out to be an interesting one as The Big Show has a score to settle with Cody Rhodes. For weeks now Rhodes has been a thorn in the Big Show side. He has been constantly mocking the Big Show, pointing out his weaknesses, trying to humiliate him.
A win over Cody Rhodes would no doubt be a boost for the big man, who has not been doing that great for a while now. Winning the Intercontinental Championship might just be what Big Show needs to get him back on track. If he is able to stay on his feet he should win this one. I predict a win for The Big Show.
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos VS Beth Phoenix & Eve
In this diva’s tag team match competitors on both team are evenly talented. However Beth Phoenix is usually very dominant in these matches and Eve Torres seems to have gained a lot of confidence lately. I pick the team of Eve and Beth to win.

Team Teddy VS Team Johnny

This such be an exciting match. Teddy’s team consist of Santino Marella (captain), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and Booker T. Johnny’s team: David Otunga (captain), Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz and Drew McIntyre, who replaced Christian after he suffered some injuries at the hands C M Punk.
Tension has been running high for weeks now between Theodore Long and John Laurinaitis as each seek to become General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. The outcome of this match might surprise us all but I think team Johnny is going to win this one.

The Undertaker VS Tripple H
Once again the Undertaker and Tripple H will battle it out to see whether or not Tripple H can beat the Dead Man and end the streak. The question is does Tripple H really want to end the streak? Maybe not, but he no doubt wants to be the man to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. For this match I am picking Tripple H to win.

C M Punk VS Chris Jericho

This match is a must see. The tension between Punk and Jericho is now at a boiling point with Jericho making personal attacks on the integrity of Punk’s family members. This is typical Jericho, he will stop at nothing to win a fight; whether it be trying to blind his opponent or making verbal attacks to gain psychological advantage. When he says he is the best in the world at what he does, he is speaking the truth. But does this make him the better fighter? I am predicting that Punk will win this one.

The Rock VS Cena

This match will be the main event at Wrestlemania 28. This is the match that everyone can’t wait to see. After all the talk for the past couple of weeks the two will finally be in action. Both men are going to give it all they’ve got. But I believe Cena is going to win this one.

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Monday Night Raw

Randy Orton continues to allow Wade Barrett to play mind games with him and once again the distraction from Wade Barrett caused him to  lose his match with The Miz in a count out last night on Monday Night Raw.  John Laurinaitis, according to Punk, is one of the most boring general managers and I have to agree with him.  Where excitement is concerned John Laurinaitis is clueless.  Last night John Cena once again displayed that caring part of his personality in his attempt to help Zack Rider to get a chance at a title match.  It was somewhat hilarious that at the end of the match with Mark Henry it took Rider a while to realize that he had won the match.  Now on the subject of Kevin Nash; I can understand giving him a match, but against Santino Marella?  Why wasn’t  a more evenly matched opponent  found for that match?  After the singing of the contract C M Punk gave The Miz and Alberto Del Rio a preview of what to expect at their TLC Paper View Match.  Will Punk be able to hold on to the title?  We will find out the answer to that question at TLC!

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Monday Night Raw


Last night The Miz once again displayed an act of cowardice when he made a sneak attack on John Morrison before the start of  their match, injuring his leg.  Was it a situation that The Miz  did not feel he was capable of beating Morrison man to man, one on one why he had to attack him from behind?  Despite fighting at a disadvantage Morrison put up a good fight; however the injury had been done and he lost to the Miz.  Dolph Ziggler with a little help from Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton.  The match of the night however was that between Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk.  It was an exciting matching with near falls after near falls as both men gave it all they got trying to win the match.  It was a well fought match and in the end Punk came out victorious, retaining the WWE Title.

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 Rock disses Cena Survivor Series was yet another entertaining paper view. CM Punk fought Alberto Del Rio tooth and nails to win the WWE  Championship.  I guess now we will stop hearing Alberto saying it is his destiny to hold the title.  Alberto’s ring announcer is the male version of Vicky Guerrero, the only thing missing is the screams!  Mark Henry took the cowardly way out to retain his World Heavy Championship Title.  It was a mean blow; but people like Mark Henry usually end up getting exactly what they deserve and he experienced his share of Karma.  The much anticipated exciting match with the Rock teaming up with John Cena against R Truth and The Miz was anything but exciting.  From the word go the Rock made it all about him, he wanted to shine, he wanted everyone to focus on him so the whole purpose of the match waned into insignificance; it was all about the Rock.  Needless to say it was a disappointing match, it lacked the excitement everyone including myself had anticipated.  At the end of the match in his true egoistic fashion he gave Cena the “Rock Bottom”  I hope in the future Cena will choose more carefully when looking for a tag team partner.  Some people’s egos are just too big to make them  good team players.