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The Simon Cowell Affair

A lot of people tend to idolize celebrities and put them on pedestals.  To me they are no more special than the rest of us except for the fact that they have more money and are able to live a more luxurious lifestyle.  This however does not necessarily  make their lives more fulfilling or happier than the regular man in the street and it certainly does not make them any smarter.

One would have thought that if Simon was going to have an affair with his friend’s wife they both would have been more careful about getting caught.  It is quite evident that people will be people regardless of social standing and they will make the same mistakes as anyone else.

Even if a man might try to turn a blind eye to the fact that his wife is being unfaithful, he cannot ignore it when a baby comes into the picture and the other man is the father.  To make matters even worse that man was once his very good friend.  That is the ultimate betrayal.

Will Simon stick around and help to raise this child?  Only time will tell.  However there is one thing we can be sure about and that is the press is going to have a field day with this one.  This story is not going to fade away anytime soon.  In fact they will be counting down the months until this child is born and then the drama will continue.  This story is  not about to die away anytime soon.


The X Factor- Melanie Amaro

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 22:  Melanie Amaro and Simon Cowell attend "The X Factor" Season Finale at CBS Televison City on December 22, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

From her very first audition Melanie Amaro sounded like a star. She came across so powerful and I thought to myself this girl is good, she can really sing! I was shocked when she got eliminated in the first round of the competition; not making it in the final twelve and I wondered If Simon had lost his mind. Luckily, he came to his senses and went and brought her back. However, some damage had been done to Melanie’s self confidence. I watched her perform brilliantly week after week and yet at eliminations I would see her looking so unsure as if waiting to hear her name call any moment to say she was going home and each time I kept thinking Simon really damaged this girl’s confidence. Then came that week when she finally broke through. She let go all her pent up emotions, all things she was feeling inside , everything came rushing to the surface and a new Melanie emerged. A Melanie who was no longer afraid, a Melanie who had faced up to her fears, a Melanie who had regained her confidence and was ready to shine and there was no stopping her after that.

Melanie Amaro became proud of who she was, an island girl.  She no longer felt the need to pretend to be someone who she wasn’t and her accent immediately changed. She was finally comfortable in her own skin and as it turned out that was all she needed. She is a very talented young lady, who has a powerful voice and all that had been lacking was the confidence she had lost and once she regained that the only other person who I felt could have won was Josh Krajcik, who as it turns out ended in second place.

While I will not say she came out on top each week for the most part, she was one of the strongest contestants in the competition, you could always depend on her to deliver and I cannot think of a more deserving winner. Congratulations Melanie you earned it!

The X Factor


Little star in the making: Rachel has gotten over her exit out of the competition and is enjoying her new found fame seen last night at the CNN event

Last week people went on and on about Rachael being eliminated from the X Factor.  Although it was America‘s fault for not voting enough to keep her on the show, people sought to blame Nicole.  I still cannot understand why people had a problem with the person receiving the least votes going home.  Would they feel the same way if they were actually in the competition?  The thing is young Rachael is a star in the making.  She is going to be a success story with or without the X  Factor.  Here she is on the red carpet at the CNN Heroes Award in LA.  The X F actor is now behind her and she is moving on to bigger things.  Those of you who are still blaming Nicole for Rachael not being in the competition; my advice to you, take a page from Rachael’s book and move on already!

The X Factor

xfactor usa main

Last night was a very dramatic night on the X Factor.  It was a night of a lot of tension, joy and disappointment.  That said people need to understand that this is a competition and there can only be one winner and for that to happen some people are going to have to go home.  After Wednesday night’s performances  America voted; Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene were sent through leaving Marcus Canty and Rachael Crow in the bottom two.  The two sang their hearts out for survival making it hard for the judges to choose as they both did so well.  Needless to say this resulted in a deadlock, leaving the final decision with America and how they voted.  As it turned out Rachael Crow received the least votes and the poor girl was completely devastated.  She broke down in tears and fell to the floor.  Nicole too appeared upset and in tears.

USA X Factor 13yr old Rachel voted out

Marcus Canty miraculously survived three weeks of being in the bottom two and will go on to the semi-finals.  Fans of Rachael are blaming Nicole for Rachael being sent home.  These fans need to be realistic; they had the opportunity to vote to keep her in the competition, they obviously did not make use of the chance and by not voting they are the ones responsible for her going home and not Nicole!  But then I guess it is easier to put the blame on someone else!


The X Factor

The X Factor Top 5

Last night  saw each contestant on the X Factor performing two songs, one of which they had only twenty-four hours to prepare for.  There was nothing really spectacular about last night’s performances.  The contestants more or less held their own.  My top picks of the night  are Melanie Amaro followed by Josh Krajcik.  Rachael Crow is still very much in the competition.  The two contestants who I believe will be in the bottom two are Chris Rene and Marcus Canty.  Marcus Canty is a great singer but he has so far been unable to get the votes of America.  He has been in the bottom two twice and there is the possibility that if he finds himself once more in the bottom two, he is going to go home tonight.

The X Factor

Things are really heating up on the X Factor and the fight to stay on is getting more intense.  Melanie Amaro as was expected safely made it through.  So did Josh Krajcik and Rachael Crow.  Chris Rene surprisingly made it through.  The fact that he made it through I believe negatively impacted on Drew’s chances of staying in the competition because someone had to leave and with the choice being between Marcus Canty and Drew; it came as no surprise that Marcus was given the edge over Drew.  Simeon tried to play mind games with Nicole and Paula, saying he took full responsibility and that it was his fault Drew found herself in the position she was in.  No one fell for it and both voted for Drew to go home.  I believe the person who received the shock of the night was Astro who received the least votes and was sent home.  I hope last night will serve as a valuable lesson to Astro; it is better to be in the bottom two than to not be in the competition at all!

The X Factor



Last night was Michael Jackson Night on the X Factor where contestants were asked to perform a song done by the late superstar. Josh Krajcik although not quite in his comfort zone gave a good performance of ‘Dirty Diana”. Marcus Canty song I felt was not the best song for him given the fact that last week he was in the bottom two. I think he might have done better with a more popular song. I did not quite feel Rachael Crow “Can You Feel It” Last night’s performance was definitely not one of her best. Chris Rene’s vocals were not that good, he is not the greatest singer, will America keep him around? Tonight will tell. Drew gave a very good performance of “Billie Jean”. It was really good. Astro took the song ‘Black and White’ and really made it is own. One cannot deny the fact that he is really very talented. However the performance of the night came from Melanie Amaro. Her performance was the best of the night. America has voted and the question now is, which two contestants are going home tonight?

The X Factor

Wednesday night was a night of surprises on the X Factor.  It was somewhat surprising to see Marcus Canty in the bottom two after the performance he gave the night before.  LeRoy Bell sang for his life, giving one of his best performances ever; unfortunately he got the less votes and was sent home.  The other act that went home was Lakoda Rayne; that however did not come as much of a surprise as groups do not seem to do well in these competitions.  The competition is now heating up; who is going to make it through to the next round?  Will Chris Rene continue to captivate the audience?  Will Rachael Crow bubbly personality see her through?  Will Marcus recover from being in the bottom two and be on top again?  Will Josh Krajcik, Drew and Melanie Amaro powerful voices put them through.  Will Astro be able to keep on to of his game?  Next week’s performance will provide us with all these answers!

The X Factor


Melanie Amaro - X Factor

Last was a night of great performances on the X Factor.  The contestants all performed well and it is going to interesting to see which two acts will go home tonight.  Melanie Amaro really emerged from her shell last night and for the first time we really got a chance to see who the real Melanie is.  Marcus Canty song, dedicated to his mother was very touching.   Astro apologized but it somehow lacked sincerity; one get the feeling that he still thinks he is too good to ever be in the bottom two.  Rachael Crow gave a very energetic performance.  I admire her confidence and I do believe she is headed for a great career in the music industry.  LeRoy Bell, Josh Krajcik, Lakoda Rayne, Drew and Chris Rene all performed well; so the question is, who is going home tonight?  We will just have to wait and see.

The X Factor

Last night was full of surprises on the X Factor.  It saw Leroy Bell, Melanie Amaro, Rachael Crow, Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik, Drew, Lakoda Rayne  and Marcus Canty being voted through and Stacy Francis and Astro ending up in the bottom two. Stacy’s rendition of Amazing Grace was not enough to put her through, so she was sent home.  Last night Astro’s immaturity came into full focus by the attitude he took about finding himself in the bottom two. Astro needs to understand that no one owes him anything and that the key to success in life is that when you find yourself down you pull yourself up and try again.  He is not going to win votes by acting like a spoiled child.  One can not deny that he is a very talented youngster and he has the potential to be a great star one day, however his attitude right now is going to get him voted off the X  Factor.  Let’s face it you cannot disrespect people then turn around and expect them to vote for you.

What happened last night should serve as a wake up call for the remaining contestants.  Marcus Canty is doing well and holding his own.  Josh Krajcik has a really powerful voice and stand a good chance of making it to the finals.   The girls are doing great however I need to see Melanie Amaro display a bit more confidence. Each week she has that air of uncertainty about her.  Who will win the X Factor is a question that is hard to answer at this point in time.  All I can say to the remaining contestants is just go out there and perform and give it all you’ve got!