Inspirational Quotes By M Williams

“How foolish is the man who spends time digging holes to bury people instead of seeds,
then wonder why there is so much weed and no fruits to reap from his garden.”

“We only truly begin to live when our desire become great enough to overcome our fear”‘

Feed the mind with positive images and words, so that thoughts produced will result in fruitful actions.”

Questions of The Heart

What is life, and what of love,
Moments when speech is not necessary,
There is no need for spoken words,
And the language of the flesh,
Is the language expressed.
Lips meet, hands reach out,
Frantic and searching,
Hungering for love’s fulfillment,
And one look says more,
Than a hundred spoken words can.

Lying in your arms,
Can you look in my eyes,
And see past me,
To the yearning in my soul?
Can you see what no other eyes can,
This hungering in my soul?
And when your arms are locked about me,
And I give in willingly to your desires,
Do you seek to please me, or just yourself?

Would you think it silly,
If I should cry in your arms?
If you wish to speak,
And I say I prefer the silence?
Would you think it silly,
If all I want tot do,
Is to lie in your arms,
Savoring your warmth,
Holding on to you as if there,
Is no tomorrow?

Will you ever really understand me?
This child-like part of me,
That clings to you,
As if afraid to let go?

The Education System In Jamaica

In his recent address to the nation Minister of Education Andrew Holness voiced his concern about the under-performance in some of the nation’s non traditional high schools.  While the minister and the country as a whole would like to see some major improvement in our education system; the question is where do we start to tackle the problem?  Clearly the foundation has to begin at the early childhood and primary level. There is going to have to be collaboration between the pre-schools  and primary schools and agree as to what level children should have attained to make their entry into primary schools smoother.  Once in the primary school the real work will then have to begin to prepare these children for high school.  It is evident that some of these children are leaving primary schools ill- prepared to go on to the secondary level.  Not all primary schools are performing up to standard and this need to be addressed.  Based on the G.S.A.T. results the ministry of education should be able to identify these schools.  The ministry along with the school and the parent teacher’s association will all have to work together to bring these schools up to standard.  Parents seriously need to play a greater role in their children’s education, they cannot leave everything up to the school.  Slowly learners should be identified and placed in classes with specialized teachers trained in this area. The time has come to address the needs of these children so they do not get lost in the education system.

Mentally ill H.I.V Patient Feeds Contaminated Milk To Baby

There was a recent report of a mentally ill H.I.V. patient who was admitted to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, gaining access to the hospital’s nursery and feeding contaminated milk to another woman’s baby.  Now this is a very serious situation and give rise to a number of questions.  How was this mentally ill patient able to gain access to the nursery in the first place?  Where was the security?   Then having gained access to the nursery, was there no one there to stop her from getting to the baby?  Where were the nurses?  Once again there is the situation of unaccountability which seem to plague this country, from those in leadership to the little man in the street.  Until people begin to be held accountable when things like this happen, nothing is going to change.

Sam Condor Stripped of His Responsibilities of Police and Defence Force

At a time when serious crimes including murders are on the rise in St. Kitts and Nevis the last thing the country needs is disunity between the Prime Minister Denzil Douglas and his deputy Sam Condor.  In all fairness to Mr. Condor and if what he says is in fact correct, as a mark of respect discussions should have been held with him prior to Mr. Douglas address to the nation announcing that he had been stripped of some of his responsibilities.  Instead of division it would have been better served if the two men had come together to devise ways and put in place strategies to curb the growing crime rate.  Unity is after all strength and a party divided against itself  is encouraging failure.

Missing Children

As the number of missing children in Jamaica continue increase at an alarming rate parents need to become more vigilant and keep closer tabs on their children’s whereabouts, especially girls who account for the highest number of missing children.  Parents should begin to educate their children about the dangers of human trafficking and the sex trade to which they might become victims. Educate them in ways they can take precautions to ensure their own safety.  For example they should be careful when dealing with strangers and do not allow themselves to be lured into unfamiliar surroundings.  Never accept rides from strangers whether it be male or female. Always let someone know where they are going when going out and if they are going to be late coming home call and let someone know.  With the growing trends one can’t be too careful and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Unprofessional Nurses

We have all heard the cry time and time again about nurses been overworked and underpaid and while this is the case in many instances there are some nurses in the sector who definitely should not be there.  These nurses are using the excuse of being short-staffed not to carry out their duties.  I had such an experience a few days ago when  I was admitted to hospital. I had just being diagnosed with diabetes was dehydrated  and required fluids. The bag of fluid I had been getting finished about nine-thirty in the morning and was to have been replaced.  As the morning progressed and none of the nurses came to change it I went and asked one of the nurses to put up a new line. I was told “Miss go and lie down nurse soon come to you.” I went back to bed, no one came. As the day progressed I became more and more dehydrated to the point where my vision became blurred and I could barely see. I kept going to the nurses begging for one of them to just come and put up a new line. At one point one nurse who was sorting out some papers said to me ”Miss we short staff you see all these papers them important a have to finish them before a leave, maybe when a finish if a have the time a will come and see to you.” This particular nurse is not only a disgrace to the nursing profession but she is also a disgrace to the hospital and she seriously need to change her profession. There was no emergency on the ward, these nurses were not attending to any patients and until they went off duty about four-thirty none of them came to set up a new line. Thankfully a junior nurse who came on after they left attended to me when she checked my blood pressure it had  dropped to 90/77, she quickly set up an iv line.  I am really grateful to her and the other junior nurses who are doing a really great job.  I just hope they will not lose their sense of purpose, their humanitarian principles and their professionalism. I hope they will continue to care and take pride in their jobs.

Hearts Made of Stone

Florence Nightingale from Carte de Visite
Image via Wikipedia


She stood at the desk sorting papers
MY throat was parched, my lips were dry,
my tongue felt like paper, dehydrated
I begged her to change my IV line
“Can’t you see I’m busy?” she said.
”These papers are important, I have to
get them done before my shift is over,
maybe when I’m finished if I have the time
I’ll come and see to you.”
Trip after trip I made to the nurses’ station
My sight was blurred, my strength was failing me
They stood around pretending to be busy doing nothing
After eight hours they took their bags and left
while I laid in bed completely dehydrated and near death
They were no Florence Nightingale, or Mary Seacole
They were just nurses, no creatures, with hearts made of stone.


Girls Cartoon Clip Art

A woman once had three daughters but they spoke so bad and so loud she didn’t want then to talk to anyone. One day an important gentleman was to come and see the mother; however she had to go to the river, so she left them with strict instructions that if the gentleman came before she returned none of them was to say anything.  Shortly after she left the man arrived; the youngest daughter seeing him coming shouted ”Mumma nu die ya”  The second daughter said ”Sista yu neva ear mumma sey yu nuffi peek?”  The third one feeling pleased with herself shouted ”Tang gad massa me neva peek nor poke!”        (This is Jamaican thing only we can understand it!)

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