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Amazing Dreams

Last night I had the most amazing dream. I was in the middle of the road and a big passenger bus was coming straight at me. There was no escape. The bus hit me, but amazingly I was not hurt and I was still standing.

What happened next was absolutely incredible. I lifted this huge bus and threw it over an embankment. I watched it go over, turned around and saw a large body of water. I stood there panicking, wondering how I would get across, when astonishing the water slowly dried up leaving dry land for me to walk.

Have ever had a dream that was incredibly amazing? Feel free to share.

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  1. That is indeed an amazing dream. I hope there were no people on that bus! I used to have a reoccurring dream – I was lying on a table. Suddenly there was water covering the table and me – and a school of alligators (do they come in schools?) came swimming toward me. I was surrounded. Then I woke up. Always the same. I woke up. The alligators never got all the way to me. Strange! I haven’t had that dream in years!!

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