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Domestic Violence Awareness

Is it My Fault

One of the trap victims of domestic violence may fall into is believing the abuse they suffer is their fault. Abusers seldom take responsibility for their actions. Instead they deflect the blame to the victim. In a conversation once with a man who constantly abused his girlfriend, he said to me “I really love her.” I asked, “Then why do you abuse her?” His answer was, “To tell you the truth I don’t know. Sometimes she makes me so mad.” I was not at all surprised that he chose to blame her for his inability to control his anger.

Victims of domestic violence need to know it is not their fault. You do not deserve abuse. You should never accept abuse. Do not keep silent about abuse or feel ashamed it is happening to you. Instead speak up. Seek help.

A Poem About Life

Brave Hearts

Brave Hearts

File:Interlaced love hearts-3D.svg - Wikimedia Commons

They say only fools fall in love,
But I dare to prove them wrong,
When a soldier goes off to war
There is no guarantee that the cause
He is fighting for,
There is a certainty he’ll will,
Or even make it back alive,
But he goes off anyway,
Does that make him a fool?

Because there is no guarantee you will win
does that mean you shouldn’t try?
Of course you might get hurt,
But there is also a chance,
That you can make it work,
How will you know the outcome,
If you are afraid to take the chance?

If you can decipher the puzzle,
Then it’s pretty plain to see,
Coward hearts don’t fall in love,
It’s the brave hearts that do.

I wrote this poem a while back. I thought I would share it with you. There are people who go through life alone because they fear getting hurt. But how will you know if it will work out if you didn’t try?

A Poem About Life

A True Friend

Photo by Bran Sodre

I cannot erase the past,

Though we wish to forget,

Memories often do last.

I cannot undo the pain of yesterday,

But I will stand by your side,

And help you get through today.

I cannot promise you

That you will never hurt again,

But I promise to stand by you,

And to always be your friend.

I cannot promise that you will

Only have good days,

But if the storms of life arise,

I promise I will be unwavering,

And true friendship will abide.

I will be like a tree firmly planted in the ground

on whose branches, you can hold on.

I will be there for you always,

And I will always be your friend.

In these trying times we all can use a friend. So many have suffered loss during this pandemic. Sometimes all someone need, is a listening ear, a friend who understands.

Five Reasons You Should Read

Reading has Benefits

When was the last time you read a book? If you can’t remember, you are not alone. Many people have such busy schedules, they don’t have time to read. However you should make time. Reading has its benefits. I will list five reasons for you to take up a book.

Selective Focos Photography of Man in White Sweater Reading Book
  1. Reading provides mental stimulation. Reading keeps your brain active and engaged. It improves brain function, which is important. Remember that old saying; “Use it, or lose it.”
  2. Reading helps you to gain knowledge. In fact it is one of the best way for you to gain information on topics you are unfamiliar with, and may find useful. You could say, the more you read, the more you know.
  3. Stress Reduction. Reading is relaxing and may help to reduce stress. When you become engrossed in a good book you may find that you are able to shut out everything else. You will find as your mind relaxes, your stress decreases.
  4. Increase Your Vocabulary. What better way to increase your vocabulary than to read a book? As you read you may come upon words that send you to the dictionary. When you come upon that word again, you will know what it means.
  5. Improves your ability to concentrate. Reading demands concentration. If you practice reading on a regular basis it may improve your ability to concentrate. With all the distractions around us, the ability to concentrate is important.

So there you have it. Reading is good for for you! Have I convinced you to start a reading challenge?

Life can Change in a Flash

Who could have told us when we welcomed the year 2020 that in a few weeks life as we knew it would change? Who could have imagined that we would be lining up to go to the supermarket, the pharmacy or to get food from the food banks. Who could have predicted that so many would be jobless? Yes a lot has changed, but we must stay strong as we try to get through it.

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone. We are in a brand new month. Hooray, we have survived to see May! We would normally take this for granted, but we are no longer in normal times. Now more than ever we have come to realize that each new day is a blessing. Enjoy it. Be happy. Take care, enjoy the sunshine, and keep safe.