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A Thought for Today

Think before you speak. Think twice before you act because what you say or do cannot be undone and memories don’t leave, they linger on. Create good ones.


Don’t Allow the Fear of Failure to Take Root

Fear begins in your mind

Have you ever wanted to do something but the fear that you may fail prevents you from taking that first step? Well, you are not alone. Many people allow their fears to paralyze them. You may want to start a business, perhaps do something you love, but before you put your plans into action, you ask yourself what if it doesn’t work out? What if I fail? What if I don’t get enough customers to make my business productive? What if the business fail and I lose my money?

Before you even establish the business, you are generating all this negative energy, which in turn will only attract more negative energy. It is okay to have concerns. But when you conquer your fears and challenge yourself to think success instead of failure, you stand a better chance of achieving success.

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Listen to your Instincts

No you are not paranoid if you have a gut feeling about a person or a situation. Sometimes the mind has a way of discerning things and bring them to your awareness. This prepares you for what may actually happen. It is almost as if it is a way of protecting you. So no, never doubt or ignore you gut feelings. What you have is the extraordinary gift of extrasensory perception.

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Morning Motivation for a Positive Day

Don’t Start Your day With Negative Thoughts

The manner in which you begin your day often sets the tone for your entire day. It is therefore important that when you leave home you adapt a positive attitude. If you leave home feeling grumpy, miserable and have negative thoughts, you attract negative energy that could ruin your entire day. Despite how you may feel at the start of your day take a different approach. Be positive. Tell yourself no matter what happens today I will be in control. I will have a positive day. Things will go right. Today is going to be a wonderful day. Start with that positive energy and you will attract more positive energy. Try it and see!

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Hurricane Dorian Lashes the Bahamas

Prayers for the people of the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has lashed the Bahamas leaving devastation in its wake. We can only pray at this time that the loss of life will not be significant. It is going to take a lot of rebuilding to get the country back on its feet. But the most important thing at this time is for everyone to keep safe.

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Allow no one to Break Your Self-confidence

She Rises From the Ashes

She rises from the ashes of her pain

It was not easy but she dug deep inside

and found an inner strength to get her through it.

Now she is not afraid to face her fears

She is not afraid to stand tall and shine

She holds her head high with confidence

And she will rise and keep on rising.



I Can go on

I can go on, 

In spite of shattered dreams,

And broken promises, I can go on.

I can go on,

When all seems lost,

And sorrow seems to,

Fragment my heart, I can go on.

I can go on,

When pain seems to be

My best friend,

And joy threatens to subside, I can go on.

I can forget

The hurt of yesterday,

And embrace tomorrow,

Knowing that,

If I have love in my heart,

No matter what

May come my way,

I can and I will go on.