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Action is Necessary For Success

It is important to keep a positive mind but simply being positive is not enough for you to achieve success. You have some people who pray in the morning, at noon, and and at night. They have a lot of things they want to achieve but the problem is, they take no action to allow their prayers to manifest. As Pablo Picasso says, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Whatever you want in life you must take action. Hold on to that key and don’t let go. Put in the work and God will do the rest.

From today onward tell yourself, I will act now, I will be persistent. I will push forward even when it gets hard. I am a possibility. In me lies the power for greatness. I will achieve success because I am determined, I am hungry for it. I will keep pushing, and I won’t give up.

Don’t Accept No For an Answer

In life you will hear more noes that yesses and you will encounter a lot of closed doors. Don’t take it personal and doubt yourself. Like you many people had a lot of doors slammed in their faces, but you know what some didn’t let it stop them. They kept knocking. They kept pushing and their persistency eventually paid off. There is nothing that can stop someone who is determined to succeed.

Life might not have dealt you the right cards, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You may think your situation is bad but there is always someone else worse off than you.

I once heard a story of a man who was ready to give up on life. Things were hard, he couldn’t get a job. He had no money. He couldn’t even afford food. He felt as if he had come to the end of road. He was tired of struggling so he got a rope and climb into a tree. He had a ripe banana and he peeled it and threw the skin to the ground. While he sat there up in the tree eating his banana another man came along picked up the banana skin off the ground and ate it. The man climbed down from the tree because he realized that although his situation was bad there was someone worse off than him.

Live Your Dream

How many of you are not living your dreams. How many of you are stuck in jobs you hate but you stay because you are afraid to take a chance at something new. How many of you have had a dream, a vision or a business idea sitting on for years, but you haven’t taken the chance to put it into motion because you are afraid you might fail. Do not let your fears hold you back. Take a chance, grasp this moment. If you are determined, and hungry enough for success you will achieve it.

Don’t Wait for the Right Moment Create it

Are you where you want to be in your life. Are you pursuing your dream, or is fear holding you back? Are you sitting around waiting for the right moment to come? Perhaps that right moment won’t come so it’s up to you to start where you are and allow things to fall into place. How many times have you rooted for others and supported their dreams? Now it is time to take a chance on you. That dream you have been putting on hold for so long, find the courage to go after it now. Shake off the shackles of doubt that you have allowed to hold you back. The right moment is not going to come looking for you. You have to create the right moment.