Let go or walk away from anything or anyone that is holding you back. What you need is stepping stones not stumbling blocks.



Never Give Up


We must go on no matter what life throws our way. Giving up is not an option. Sometimes it may seem that we are fighting a losing battle but even then we must not give up the fight. We may fall but we must refuse to stay down.   As long as there is breath left in our bodies we must persevere and fight on until the battle is won.


You have to live with hope.
Life is full of possibilities.
With a strong belief in your own abilities
you can achieve success in whatever you do.

Be Optimistic

Optimism is the fuel you need to achieve success.
Nothing good will happen if you
take a pessimistic view.
Be optimistic in whatever you do.
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First Snowfall This Winter

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Life’s Challenges

We all have issues, we all face problems at one time or another.  How we deal with them make all the difference. If we take a defeatist approach then we have already lost the battle. Today take a positive approach. Say no matter what comes my way, I will not give in, I will not quit, and I will overcome.

Live With Hope

No matter how far you seem to be from where you want to be in life. Never stop trying and never stop believing that you are going to get there. The seasons are always changing so if you are going through tough times your season of change is coming.  Don’t give way to doubt.  Think positive thoughts. God will not only fill your cup but He will let it overflow with blessings.”

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