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Curbing Crime

The number one problem in most countries across the world is that of fighting crime. It is like a cancer and like cancer we can’t seem to find the cure. We are now in the month of August and in Jamaica the number of people murdered since the start of the year is over six hundred. People ask what is The Government doing. Here in New York City gun crime is at a high and people ask what is the Mayor doing.

Ironically people do not seem to understand that maintaining a crime free society is not just the job of The Government or the Mayor, we all have a part to play. How much are we as citizens are doing to raise children who will not one day become a menace to society. Most of these criminals come from a home. Some have mothers, brothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives who are aware that they have guns and are involved in criminal activities. In certain communities people know those among them who are involved in criminal activities so why is no one doing anything.

People cannot continue to shield criminals, wash the bloody clothes, lie for them and enable them to continue in a life of crime. Those who do are no better than the criminals. Parents must take their responsibility of parenting more seriously. Many of these criminals are products of poor parenting. Instill values in children, encourage them not to join gangs and to respect people’s lives and property. The fight against crime should not rest solely on The Government or The Mayor. It should begin with us.

The Knock Out Game

There is a growing dangerous trend where people are getting hurt in what is known as ‘The Knockout Game’  It is spreading across the Sates and this criminal act is endangering the lives of people. The attackers are walking up to strangers and punch them just for fun. They punch the victim hard enough to knock him or her out.

There have been reports of these attacks  in Brooklyn, Washington DC and New Jersey.  Its been reported that a man in New Jersey had seizures and died after he was punched.

Hurting people is not a game and I hope those perpetrating these acts will come to their senses and stop this dangerous activity. Stop the madness before more people are seriously hurt.

‘If You Can’t Prevent Rape, you enjoy it.’

The chief of India’s Central Bureau of Investigation Ranjit Sinha a few days ago made a statement in which he sought to make a comparison between rape and gambling.  He is quoted as saying “If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it.  He was attempting to make the point that if betting could not be made illegal then the government should make revenue by legalizing it.

Perhaps I am wrong but as far as my mind allows me to I see no similarities between gambling and rape.  Gambling is something you do of your own free will; rape is a violent criminal act  carried out against the will of the victim. It is  unfortunate that the head of a department which investigates rape cases should make such a statement.  Rape is not a joke it is a serious crime and must not be trivialized.

How can women have confidence of ever getting justice  in a system  which allows the head of the Bureau of investigation to make such a statement and still have his job!


R.I.P. Father Brown

Charles Brown

On Wednesday of last week retired Roman Catholic priest Father Charles Brown went missing.  On Thursday his abandoned vehicle was found in the Plantation Heights area in St. Andrew.  A search was launched for the missing priest who was last seen dressed in multicolored short sleeve shirt, blue pants and a pair of black shoes.

Today Monday July 29, Police Investigators report that they have found a decomposing body in Plantation Heights strongly believed to be that of Father Brown.  In is really sad that someone who has served his communities so well should have been treated in this manner.  Given the circumstances surrounding his death my conclusion is that Father Brown was just another victim of crime.  Another person killed and left by the wayside to rot.  This is a case of yet another senseless killing!  When will it end, or better yet will it ever end?

Father Brown was a very straight forward, honest and caring man who did not deserve to die in this manner.  May his soul Rest in Peace.

To the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime I say to you, you  can

run but you cannot hide.  God knows who you are and you will be rewarded according to your deeds.

Sleep Well Father Charles Brown.  You are gone but you will never be forgotten!






Four Year-old Murdered

Jealousy is being blamed for the murder of four year-old Natasha Brown of Duanvale, Trewlany in Jamaica on Tuesday May 28.  Her decapitated body was retrieved from a 10-ft deep sink hole in the community on Wednesday.  A woman who is said to be the ex-lover of the dead child’s father was taken into custody after she reportedly confessed to the killing and later led investigators to the sink hole late Tuesday evening.

The child’s father Baldwin Brown admitted ending a relationship with the accused woman five months ago.  “I simply can’t believe it,” he said.  “How can someone do this to a child?”

Four year-old Natasha never showed up for school Tuesday morning and she was reportedly seen in the company of the  woman.  Later that morning the accused killer was reportedly seen carrying a crocus bag towards the sink hole.  She reportedly told someone she was going to dump the remains of a dead animal.  When news circulated that Natasha was missing the police were informed of the woman’s activities.  When the accused woman who was reportedly angry with the child’s father for ending the relationship, was located she reportedly confessed to killing the child and led police to the sink hole.

With fire fighters and the police having difficulty accessing the sinkhole as night approached on Tuesday the search was called off until Wednesday morning.  Shortly after 10 a. m. a resident was lowered into the sinkhole and he retrieved the body and the head which was severed.

The accused woman is said to have four children of her own.  Meanwhile the child’s mother was reported to be in a state of shock.

Stop Abuse of Women

The world is full of chaos and people with twisted minds.  In some countries the laws that ought to be enforced are ignored and people impose other rules to satisfy themselves.  They have rules which make it acceptable for a man to torture and kill a woman.  On the other hand if a woman refuses to comply to a fixed marriage or wear clothes considered as being inappropriate, it is seen as a sin for which she is punished.
In some cultures women are seen as replaceable commodities.  There is no value placed on the life of the woman.  She is looked upon as being inferior to her male counterpart and is treated accordingly.  Brothers think nothing of killing their sisters to uphold what they call the family honor  The question is, what kind of honor does a murderer bring to any family?  What is honorable about killing your own sister?
Love to these people mean nothing and family honor means everything.  It is a kind of sick twisted mentality.  They do not understand the concept that unity is strength and that a family divided against itself will come to naught.  They are so busy trying to protect their public image that they are blinded to the things that should be more important, that of a brother looking out for his sister and families uniting to protect family members.
The fact that brothers see nothing wrong with killing their sisters highlight the fact that in these societies men in general have very little respect for the lives of women and the laws if there are any is not sufficiently implemented to be a deterrent.
If women in these countries should turn the tables and say enough is enough and start to seek their own justice, I wonder if the laws will then be implemented or will they be able to get away with committing atrocities against men in the same manner that men commit atrocities against women? Interesting thought isn’t it?  What do you thing?


Stop Abuse of Women

Bride Burning

Violence against women takes various forms, from Acid Throwing, Female Genital Mutilation, to Torture and Murder.  One of the most heinous of these crimes is Bride Burning.  It is practiced in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  The crime is often staged to appear as an accident or suicide.  The victims are usually newly married women whose parents do not have the money to pay off the husband‘s dowry requirements.  The perpetrators are usually the husband’s family or the husband himself. 
Women in these countries do not get much support from their male counterpart.  The husband’s family will harass, threaten and sometimes kill the bride if her family cannot come up with the money or gifts .  With the new wife out-of-the-way , the husband is free to remarry and get a new dowry from his new bride.  In 2010 there were 8391 reported cases of dowry deaths in India alone.
In Pakistan although divorce is possible, it is claimed that some families decide instead to murder unwanted wives.  In most cases of bride burning the woman is doused with kerosene, the helpless defenseless woman is then set on fire and is burned alive.  The deaths are often reported as accidents.  In many cases the police are told the victim was killed by an exploding stove and there is no prosecution. They opt for burning because the chances of prosecution is less.
Bride burning is a wicked, barbaric act.  It is one of the most gruesome forms of human rights violation.

Stop Abuse of Women

Until the rape and subsequent death of a young woman in India last December, I was somewhat unaware of the atrocities taking place against women in that country.  I was unaware of the fact that India was considered as the worst place to be a woman.  I was not aware of how badly Indian women are treated or that rape was a part of ever day life there.
Incidence of rapes and other crimes against women is of epidemic proportion in India.  It appears that not enough is being done by the Government to protect the rights of women.  This is not surprising since every major political party has fielded and continues to field candidates facing criminal charges of rape harassment and other crimes against women.
It has been reported that in the last five years India’s leading political parties have offered tickets to 27 candidates accused of rape and 260 candidates facing charges of assault, harassment and other crimes against women.
Rape is not treated as a serious crime in India and even the police whose job it is to protect the innocent is a part of the problem.  The women have no one they can trust.
People should lead by example and in a situation where those who lead and those who are to protect becomes a part of the problem what message is that sending to the general population.
To bring about change in India it is going to take a whole cultural change, starting with equality among the sexes. Girls are groomed to be good wives, not independent women with their own careers.  Their most important role is to produce children.  They are often treated as objects who should remain pure and be controlled.
Many girls are forced into marriages and some are even murdered by their own parents.  Mothers often make excuses for their sons when they commit heinous crimes against girls.  The change has to begin with women raising their sons to have respect for women instead of making excuses for them

Abuse of Women Worldwide

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited this blog.  I want to say a special thank you to those of you who have read my post and have taken the time to click the like button or leave a comment.  I apologize if I am sometimes late in posting a response, but I really do try to read your posts and respond to your comments.  This year my main focus will be on drawing awareness to the ‘Abuse of Women worldwide.

Rape and Abuse

The rape and subsequent death of a twenty-three year old-young woman in India last December was a real eye-opener which drew the attention of the world.  This incident however is just a tip of the iceberg.  The callous and inhumane treatment of women around the world must be addressed.  The stories of rape and other forms of abuse need to be told.  The  way men think about and view women need to change.

I use the term, men loosely, because real men protect and defend women.  I think it is time to find another name for those who rape and abuse women.  I have racked by brains for a word, but all I could come up with is slime-balls, so slime-balls  it is.  We seem to have too many of these slime-balls roaming the earth, preying on defenseless women.  These slime-balls are physically, morally and intellectually inadequate.  They obviously lack self-esteem and confidence in themselves to be able to get a woman, so to makeup for their inadequacies they rape and abuse defenseless women.  When six men see nothing wrong in raping a young woman, inserting rods in her to the point where it damages her internal organs, then something is seriously wrong.

The time has come for us to start taking out the garbage.  The clean up campaign must begin.  Heads of governments need to get their act together.  It is time for more action and less talk.  We must begin to rid our societies of slime-balls  and put them behind bars where they belong.




 Dealing With Troubled Teenage Boys

There is the general feeling in society that boys are able to look out for themselves and therefore require less supervision than girls. This is simply not true especially now with the growing trends in society which is creating avenues for them to go astray. It is very important that we try to save our boys so they do not end up on the wrong side of the law. More and more young boys are getting involved in gangs. Gang related crimes are playing havoc on the stability of law and order in the Caribbean and across the world.  In Jamaica, for instance a great majority of the crime taking place is gang related. A part of it has to do with gangs fighting for turf.  Migration and later deportation of some of these individuals is a contributing factor.  Some of these boys leave their countries at a young age for first world countries. Some of them get involved in a life of crime often goes to prison and then is deported after serving time. They often return with no skills and no means of making an honest living; so once again they return to a life of crime and not only that, they influence young impressionable youngsters to join them. Many are quick to blame these criminal acts on poverty. While one cannot deny the fact that poverty is a contributing factor, there is the need to look at the broader picture. There are many individuals coming from poor backgrounds who have managed to break down that barrier. They studied worked hard and have become successful in life, others simply turned to a life of crime. Why is it that two person coming from the same background can end up so differently in life; one a successful individual, the other running from the long arms of the law? A lot has to do with how some of these boys grow up and the kind of values instilled in them. It also has to do with education and in a sense it is not just about going to school but also educating them about the many dangers awaiting them if they get involved in gangs. The survival of gangs depends heavily on their man power, the number of individuals they are able to recruit. Gang members often get killed and many go to prison yet these gangs are still able to survive. Why is this so? The answer is simple, they are always recruiting new members. No matter how big an armory they have, they are not going to survive unless there are people to fire these weapons. Young boys are easy targets since they are of an impressionable age and can be won over easily by gang members. It is not surprising to find a thirteen year-old with a gun now a days. Often times the idea of becoming, a gang member is romanticized to the youths. The gang presents them with a glamorous picture of how they can escape a life of poverty. Some people might think that these boys were just born bad; however to understand why they might feel inclined to join gangs you will have to try to see things from their point of view. Picture the following scenario: Paul is a fourteen-year-old boy from a poor family. He lives in a neighborhood where most of the people are poor. He lives in substandard conditions and sometimes goes hungry. He goes to school when he can because sometimes he has no lunch money. Another youth in his community who is the member of a gang approaches him and tells he can make a lot of money if he becomes a member of the gang. He would be able to afford nice clothes, jewels, maybe a car, and a house one day. This sounds good and he is tempted. The youth tells him in order to become a part of the gang he must be able to fire a gun, meaning he must be able to shoot someone. He has never held a gun in his life, he does not like the idea of shooting anyone but he is tired of being poor so what does he do? He decides to join the gang. He gets a gun and they tell that he has to pass a test. He has to be able to go in a community shoot someone and get out without getting caught. He knows he could be heading for trouble but he is willing to take the risk. The night of his orientation comes, he is driven through a rival community, there is a group of people standing by the road and he opens fire. He has no quarrel with the people; he is simply trying to pass his test. His bullets find their marks and bystanders are hit and he has passed his test. He has earned his rights to become a member of the gang. He is in. We will all agree that he made a bad choice, but before we begin to condemn we need to ask some questions. Did anyone try to educate him about the dangers of getting involved in a gang? Did anyone tell him that getting into a gang is like getting into a marriage; only with the gang, the stakes are much higher? If you are in a marriage and it is not working out you can always get a divorce, with the gang it is not as simple. Attempting to get out of the gang when you realize it is not quite what you were expecting could mean possible death. How many knows that once they get in it is as if the gang owns them. They live for the gang and have to do what they are told to do even if they do not want to. Sometimes prison seems like the only means of escape from the gang but even when you are on the inside, they still can find ways to control you. How many of the youths that get into gangs know this. It is easy to get in but hard to get out. Why is this so? Why is it so difficult to walk away? The answer lies in the fear factor, which holds these gangs together. There is the fear among gang members that if they allow a member to leave he might very well rat them out. There is fear on the part of the individual that if he leaves they might kill him in order to keep him quiet. People who are being extorted by some of these gangs keep quiet about it out of fear for their lives and property so they pay out money to these thugs. It is fear that makes some gang members so quick to pull the trigger; they fear that they have to kill someone before that person kills them. Fear for their lives keeps them constantly alert. Fear makes them sleep with guns under their pillows at night. Strip many of them of their guns and all that they will have left is fear. A gun in the hand of someone who is constantly living in fear is a recipe for disaster. He often sees his survival as been dependent on his ability to shoot and kill and he will not hesitate to do so. The evidence of this can be seen by the seemingly senseless killings carried out by members of different gangs from time to time. To understand it all one have to try to understand the psychological state of mind of these individuals. To us the killings are senseless. To them it is survival, it is staying alive defending their turf and controlling the streets. Gangs wage war against each other for control of the streets. The more areas they are able to control the more money they are able to rake in from their illegal activities such as extortion and the peddling of drugs. They are prepared to kill anyone who poses a threat. Gang members however are caught between two deadly forces; there is the rival gang and there are the law enforcers. It is two against one and if one does not get them the other one will. How many young boys getting into gangs know this? What is the life expectancy rate for gang members? How many of them joining a gang at the age of thirteen will live to be thirty? They need to be informed. Across the world, there have been many AIDS and Drugs Awareness campaigns maybe it is time to add Gang Awareness to that list. The threat of gangs taking over is real. It is time to act. Law enforcers are doing their best to dismantle these gangs, but it is going to take more than guns to win this war. Attempting to get rid of these gangs with just firepower is like attempting to get a wound better without applying dressing directly to the wound. It is going to take psychological warfare to help win this war. The gangs are constantly recruiting young boys; these boys need a reason not to join. Unless these gang people to join them, they cannot survive. Ultimately, the group that is able to win the psychological warfare will win the war. Parents it is time for you to lobby to have gang awareness taught in school to educate children about gangs. Until that happens you have to begin in the home by instilling in your sons values and respect for life. You have to educate them about the dangers of gang involvement. If you see the signs or hear that your boys are hanging out with the wrong crowds, do not ignore it. If you are aware that they are doing things that are not right, do not turn a blind eye. There are mothers out there who do this. Some mothers know that their sons are involved in criminal activities but because of their motherly instinct to protect them, when they are arrested they will be in the streets crying their eyes out proclaiming their innocence. Some mothers will say, “Him used to be bad but him change.” Can you say that he has changed when he is still hanging out with the same crowd? Your sons need to disassociate themselves from other youths that are members of gangs. Encourage them to join youth clubs, go to community centers where they can engage in after school activities and get to meet other youths who are living a positive lifestyle. There are other places outside of a gang where they can get acceptance without breaking the law and putting themselves in danger. You should not cover up for your son when you see him going down the wrong path but rather get him to see the error of his ways and exercise good judgment. When you cover up for him, you are adding and abetting him to go on to commit bigger crimes. You might think you are protecting him but his best protection is to stay out of trouble. There was a story of a young man who grew up in a small community. As he entered his teens, he became involved in criminal activities. His mother did not try to correct him or let him know what he was doing was wrong. Eventually this young man committed a serious crime and was convicted and placed on death row. On the day of his execution, his last request was that he be allowed to say something to his mother. He was granted his request. When his mother got to him, he told her to lean closer so he could whisper in her ears. His mother did as he requested and he bit off her ear. He then told her, “If you had corrected me all those time I did wrong, If you had taught me wrong from right instead of allowing me to do as I pleased. If you had been strict with me, I would have listened to you, I would have changed my ways, and I would not be here on death row. Every mother wants to protect her child well at least most, but you need to realize that there might come a time when you are going to have to do whatever it takes to save him from himself. If you know that your son has an illegal gun it is your responsibility to get him to turn it in before he is caught with it. By doing so, you could be saving his life because when a young man gets involved in a life of crime there is usually one of two consequences; he will face a prison term or an early death, neither of which any mother wants for her son. Do not encourage your son to push drugs. Do not take the money he derives from illegal activities because one day perhaps sooner than you expect you might have to use that same money to bury him. Teach your son values, to believe in himself and to aim high. Make him understand that living within the law is the way to go. Nothing worth having in life comes easy and our young boys must be encouraged not to fall for unrealistic promises and get rich quick schemes because they always come with a price. Do not blame yourself if even with your best effort your son goes astray. Do not give up on him either because he is not beyond help. There are institutions set up for children with behavioral problems. When you find that you are no longer in control; when you have tried just about everything and nothing is working, then it is time to exercise some tough love. The only solution left to you might be to get him into one of these institutions. It is not going to be an easy decision, but it could prove to be one of the best you can make for him. Having him in a place where there is discipline, he has to obey rules, and regulations, might be your only chance of saving him. Let him know what you are doing is for his own good. Tell him that you will always love him, you just need him to change. Talk to him even when he refuses to listen. One day he will understand. The moment you see that your son is heading for trouble you have to try to do something to stop him. What do you do if you know that he has committed a crime; do you cover up for him or do you turn him in? This is a very hard decision but you have to do the right thing. When you cover up for him you are only encouraging him to continue commit crimes. He might go to prison but it might give him the chance to look at the way he is living and make a change. There is a chance for him to be rehabilitated and come back out a different person. It is hard and it might even seem cruel but sometimes-tough love is the only answer. One mother related the problem she was having with her son. At the young age of ten he had stopped going to school and had gotten himself involved in a number of housebreaking in his community. She talked to him and even asked people whom she thought he might listen to talk to him but nothing worked. This mother fearing that her son would end up in prison sought from a juvenile institution that dealt with cases like hers. Her son was sent to a boys’ home. He was not happy about going and when she visited him, he wanted to return home. She knew he needed to stay there until he decided to change his lifestyle and he was not yet ready. He was angry, but she knew she was doing the right thing. She tried to visit him as often as she could and after a few months, she began to see some changes in him. He was adapting to the conditions of the home. He was attending school and appeared very enthusiastic about learning which a big change was indeed. A short time later, his behavior had improved to the point that he was allowed to return home for the weekend with his family. I personally saw this young man and I did see the changes in him. In a period of about six months, he had turned his life around. He got baptized was doing quite well in school and in addition he was taking lessons in carpentry. Had this mother not done what she had done there is no saying what might have happened to her son. Change can come about and sometimes you have to help them make that change.