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The X Factor

The X Factor Top 5

Last night  saw each contestant on the X Factor performing two songs, one of which they had only twenty-four hours to prepare for.  There was nothing really spectacular about last night’s performances.  The contestants more or less held their own.  My top picks of the night  are Melanie Amaro followed by Josh Krajcik.  Rachael Crow is still very much in the competition.  The two contestants who I believe will be in the bottom two are Chris Rene and Marcus Canty.  Marcus Canty is a great singer but he has so far been unable to get the votes of America.  He has been in the bottom two twice and there is the possibility that if he finds himself once more in the bottom two, he is going to go home tonight.

The X Factor


Melanie Amaro - X Factor

Last was a night of great performances on the X Factor.  The contestants all performed well and it is going to interesting to see which two acts will go home tonight.  Melanie Amaro really emerged from her shell last night and for the first time we really got a chance to see who the real Melanie is.  Marcus Canty song, dedicated to his mother was very touching.   Astro apologized but it somehow lacked sincerity; one get the feeling that he still thinks he is too good to ever be in the bottom two.  Rachael Crow gave a very energetic performance.  I admire her confidence and I do believe she is headed for a great career in the music industry.  LeRoy Bell, Josh Krajcik, Lakoda Rayne, Drew and Chris Rene all performed well; so the question is, who is going home tonight?  We will just have to wait and see.

The X Factor

Last night was full of surprises on the X Factor.  It saw Leroy Bell, Melanie Amaro, Rachael Crow, Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik, Drew, Lakoda Rayne  and Marcus Canty being voted through and Stacy Francis and Astro ending up in the bottom two. Stacy’s rendition of Amazing Grace was not enough to put her through, so she was sent home.  Last night Astro’s immaturity came into full focus by the attitude he took about finding himself in the bottom two. Astro needs to understand that no one owes him anything and that the key to success in life is that when you find yourself down you pull yourself up and try again.  He is not going to win votes by acting like a spoiled child.  One can not deny that he is a very talented youngster and he has the potential to be a great star one day, however his attitude right now is going to get him voted off the X  Factor.  Let’s face it you cannot disrespect people then turn around and expect them to vote for you.

What happened last night should serve as a wake up call for the remaining contestants.  Marcus Canty is doing well and holding his own.  Josh Krajcik has a really powerful voice and stand a good chance of making it to the finals.   The girls are doing great however I need to see Melanie Amaro display a bit more confidence. Each week she has that air of uncertainty about her.  Who will win the X Factor is a question that is hard to answer at this point in time.  All I can say to the remaining contestants is just go out there and perform and give it all you’ve got!