Daily Motivation

Stay True to Yourself

A lot of people believe in order to fit in they have to follow the crowd, do what everyone else is doing even if it makes them uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be that way though. It’s okay to be you. Do the things you believe in even if it is not the popular trend. Acceptance means people accept you for who you are and not who they want you to be.

Daily Motivation

Form Good Habits

We all have habits. Some are good and some may be distructive vices. Bad habits are easily formed and are hard to get rid of. Take the person who starts smoking . A first it might just be an experiment, until it becomes a habit. And even then the person might say, “Oh it’s nothing. I can quit whenever I want to.” But the truth is, once that habit is formed, quitting is hard. Stay away from bad habits and form good ones instead. For example exercise regularly, read a book, take a few minutes each day to meditate. They more you practice doing these things the better your chance of making them daily habits. These are the habits that will do wonders for you.

Daily Motivation

Take Charge of Your Emotions

Every day we are faced with making decisions. Sometimes things happen that test us and we allow our emotions to take control of us. We can choose to get offended or angry by what others do. But when we give in to negative emotions, we give others power over us. We must learn to master our emotions and not be controlled by them. If we get distracted by what others say and do, eventually we will lose sight of those goals we wish to accomplish.

Daily Motivation

Failure is Not Fatal

You might have tried to get a project off the ground and it didn’t work out. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. If you have experienced adversity in your life, don’t let that stop you. Try again. With faith and determination you will succeed.

Daily Motivation

Lessons You Will Learn

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Truth about life is that often times nobody believe in you until after you have succeeded. It is therefore important for you to believe in yourself and stand firm in your conviction that you can make it . Often people are disappointed because they don’t receive the support they expected. This might happen to you too, but do not become disillusioned, others before you had the same experience. You just have to keep trying. Remember, people don’t have to believe in you for you to succeed. You will enjoy success in spite of them.

Food For Thoughts

Don’t Strive to be Rich, Strive to be Happy

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future, that he does not enjoy the present moment. As a result, he does not live in the present or the future, he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never truly lived.”

Take a close look at this quote. The author sums it up so well. So many people work hard and sacrifice their health to make money and then they don’t live to enjoy it. What is the point sacrificing your health in order to be rich and then have to spend that money trying to regain your health, which is often way more difficult. Work hard, but enjoy life as well.

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