Take life one day at a Time

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God is Fighting for You

When the battles you face seem too hard for you to fight alone, just remember God is in the background fighting for you. Life may get overwhelming and you may face attacks from all side but remember if God took you to it he will get you through it. When others abandon you, he will stand by you because he promised never to leave you or forsake you. He is watching over your life.

Choose your Circle Carefully

Life will not always go as planned. Sometimes the people you trust and believe in are the ones who will let you down. However the answer is not to trust because whatever field you venture in, trust is necessary. Learn to choose your circle carefully. The right ones will always have your back.

Today’s Motivation

Being strong doesn’t mean you won’t have tough days. It doesn’t mean you won’t have setbacks and disappointments. It does not mean thing will flow smooth everyday. Being strong means that in spite of all the obstacles you encounter you will stand firm and overcome.

Morning Motivation

Too often we expect to see overnight success. Take a lesson from the farmer. First he plows the land, then he plant the crops. He has to ensure that it get the right amount of water and fertilizer and he also has to get rid of those weed that will hinder the growth of the crop. Use this lesson in your life. Identify the goal you want to achieve. Work on it. Give it your time and attention. You will also have to face the task of removing people from your live who hinders your growth. In the end you will reap that harvest.

Today’s Motivation

Sometimes you might get impatient that life is not happening as fast as you want it to. Others seem to be moving ahead while you seem stuck. Do not give up hope or become disheartened. It takes preparation to achieve greatness and you have to be prepared for success before you can achieve it.