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Domestic Violence Awareness

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Let’s get the conversation going.

An Open Letter to Men
From Women Against Domestic Violence

Dear Men:
It is with tears in our eyes and fear for our lives that we pen this note to you. Domestic violence has taken the lives of many of our sisters leaving many of our homes broken and our children motherless.

Men we need you to understand that we are not the enemy so stop treating us like one. We give to you our love, our passion, our understanding and compassion, we trust you with our lives and all we ask is that you reciprocate and treat us right. Don’t see our love for you as a weakness, don’t leave us with cuts and bruises, don’t crush out our joy and leave us broken.

Men you need to understand that love is not supposed to hurt. If your love is causing your woman hurt then it means that you are doing something wrong. Any boy can hurt a woman but it takes a man to make her happy. So the next time you raise your hand to hit a woman stop and ask yourself am I a boy or am I a man. Treat women with love and respect….Be A Man!
~~~~Marva Seaton~~~~

Relationship Awareness

Awareness is important in relationship. Every woman ought to know what she wants from a relationship and what she is looking for in a partner. She must clearly define her expectations, know how much she is willing to put into the relationship and what she will not accept.

She has to predetermine that she will not accept abuse and the moment it happens she should be prepared to walk away. She needs to know that the longer she remains the more comfortable her partner gets and the more he will abuse her.


This applies to men as well. Don’t believe that because you are a man you must suffer in silence. Domestic violence is wrong and should never be accepted.