Daily Motivation

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Truth about life is that often times nobody believe in you until after you have succeeded. It is therefore important for you to believe in yourself and stand firm in your conviction that you can make it . Often people are disappointed because they don’t receive the support they expected. This might happen to you too, but do not become disillusioned, others before you had the same experience. You just have to keep trying. Remember, people don’t have to believe in you for you to succeed. You will enjoy success in spite of them.

Food For Thoughts

Don’t Strive to be Rich, Strive to be Happy

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future, that he does not enjoy the present moment. As a result, he does not live in the present or the future, he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never truly lived.”

Take a close look at this quote. The author sums it up so well. So many people work hard and sacrifice their health to make money and then they don’t live to enjoy it. What is the point sacrificing your health in order to be rich and then have to spend that money trying to regain your health, which is often way more difficult. Work hard, but enjoy life as well.

Daily Motivation

Keep Knocking Until The Right Door Opens

It is tough to survive in this world. It takes courage to go on when you are faced with obstacles and adversity.. Take the man who is out of a job and has a family to take care of. He searches for work but all he is met with is closed doors and a, “No we are not hiring.” What does he do in this situation, give up? Of course not. He has to keep trying . He has to keep knocking on those door for eventually he will hear a yes, a door will open for him.

You see in life it is easy to give up when you keep trying with no positive result. However when you decide you will not settle for a NO; when you are prepared to face those closed doors and keep on knocking eventually one will open. It takes guts. It takes determination and the willpower to make it despite the odds. If you are searching at this moment for the right door to open, I say to you keep on knocking. It doesn’t mean you won’t get frustrated and feel like giving up. However be determined never to take NO as the final answer. When you find the right door it will open.

Daily Motivation

Something Good is Coming to You

Believe that your life has purpose. Believe that you are here for a reason. Believe that you are of no less importance than anyone else. Believe that you deserve the best of what life has to offer. Believe that you are worthy of love and happiness. Believe you deserve every success that come your way. Expect great things to happen in your life. Get up each day knowing something good is going to happen to you and thank God for it even before it happens.

Daily Motivation

Have the Courage to Take Action

Don’t go through life being afraid to take chances. Don’t spend all your time living in someone else shadow, knowing that you have what it takes, but afraid to take a chance on you. Many at the top are not brighter than you are. They did not get there because they are more intelligent or more educated. They got there because they had the courage to try and enough self-confidence to pull it off. Stop being an onlooker. Don’t just stand there being simply satisfied to know you can do it. That is not enough. Find the courage to take a chance on you, and that new found confidence in your ability will help you pull it off. Don’t put it off any longer. Get into action now, this moment presented to you. You should absolutely take a chance on you.

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