The Seed

I planted a seed of faith,
I molded it up with hope,
I showered it with love,
Then waited for it to grow,
It grew for a while,
But then it got scorched up by the sun,
I watered it with my tears,
Refusing to let it die,
I held on to my faith’,
I continued to hope,
It struggled for awhile,
Then slowly began to grow,
And then one morning,
I looked outside my bedroom window,
To find that it had bloomed,
And I felt a burst of joy,
As my eyes behold,
The most beautiful of flowers,
That I had ever seen.



Glimmers of white,
Spattered with,
Shades of pink,
A glint of steel,
Among hues of blue,
Shining armors,
Delicate seeds,
Iridescent of times passed,
Times to come,
Complete with lacquered hazels,
Of the picture I often see,
In my mind’s eye.

You Have To Try

There is no mountain too high,
That you can climb if you try,
There is no valley too wide,
That you can not cross if you try,
There is no obstacle too great,
That you can’t roll away,
No problem too big,
That you cannot solve,
For life is full of ups and downs,
And if you want to succeed,
You have to try.





Water dripping,
A spring flowing,
The sound of a bird in the air,
Then silence…….

Silence like a hope unfolding,
Silence like a soft whisper,
Silence like a gentle prayer,

That the guns will be stilled,
There will be no sound of anguish,
No sudden cry of pain,
No innocent blood spilling,
That there will be peace in our land,
No sound,
Just silence


Abused young woman dramatic portrait Stock Photo - 9023663

I saw my friend today,
Her eyes two circles of purple,
Her cheeks were puffed and swollen,
And bore a mark which resembled,
An unfinished tattoo,
Her broken hand was held up,
By a string from her shoulder.

I felt the anger begin within me,
Rushing upward,
Like a raging inferno,
As I asked,
“Who did this to you?’’
But the anger receded,
To make room for pity,
As the swollen lips parted,
To reveal a loose tooth,
And she looked at me and said,
“Oh I fell!”

Brave Hearts

They say only fools fall in love,
But I dare to prove them wrong,
When a soldier goes off to war
There is no guarantee that the cause
He is fighting for,
There is a certainty he’ll will,
Or even make it back alive,
But he goes off anyway,
Does that make him a fool?

Because there is no guarantee you will win,
Does that mean you shouldn’t try?
Of course you might get hurt,
But there is also a chance,
That you can make it work,
How will you know the outcome,
If you are afraid to take the chance?
If you can decipher the puzzle,
Then it’s pretty plain to see,
Coward hearts don’t fall in love,
It’s the brave hearts that do.

The Collection

It’s funny,
Yesterday I saw you lying there,
In a room that was empty and bare,
And a body in bed that was yours
minus the flesh,
The phone on the table beside you,
Seemed cold and frozen,
Not once did it ring,
And I understood why,
You were all alone,
The collection was gone.

Funny, who was it?
Do you really know?
Was it the Indian or the Chinese,
Or the pretty dark skinned girl,
Who smiled all the time?
Was it the blonde who you took home
last summer?
Or the Japanese one,
Who you introduced to your mother?
Was it Sandy or Lorraine or Gaye?
Or better yet, Cindy or Tammy or Kaye?

Pity, you collected more than ,
You ever bargained for,
You collected death.
“Was it really worth it,
the collection of your?”
I asked the question,
You were too weak to reply,
But in the pained filled eyes ,
That looked back at me,
I thought I saw the answer,
You had finally realized,
The horrible truth,
That too much pleasure brings pain,
And in your moment of pain,
The collection was gone.