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Motivating Students In Non Traditional High Schools To Perform Better (part 2)

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In my first article I concluded by re-emphasizing the point that students should be  made to understand that it is not how they start out but how they finish that really matters.  Today I will touch on another important factor and that is the:  Principals and Teachers.  Principals and Teachers should feel motivated to try to encourage students in their schools to improve their academic performances.

If they are content to continue to settle for mediocre performances from their students, then nothing will change.  You cannot be running a school where in year out the academic performance is less than to be desired.  They should feel challenged to devise ways to improve students performance and take pride in seeing their students excel.               I am not trying to imply that all students will excel. However I feel if more is done to motive those who show real interest and are willing to learn, the academic performances in these schools will improve.  No offence Principals and Teachers but the quality of students you turn out is sometimes a reflection of the amount of work you put in.                    Principals need to take the job of running a successful institution more seriously.  Once you are placed at the head of an average performing institution the first job on hand is to try and turn things around.  Try to make some kind of improvement.  Because things are they way they are doesn’t mean things cannot change.                                                                    It takes vision, motivation and the burning desire to make a difference to see any real academic growth.  Heads of schools should take pride in the development of their institutions and motive students to work harder to improve academic performance.


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