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Today’s Positive Quote

Refuse to entertain negativity. Life is too short to live it in anger and be at odds with those around you. Practice forgiveness and entertain positivity.”

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You Deserve the Best

You have to believe that you deserve the best  from life. You have to believe that you are no less important than anyone else. You have to believe that nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness for. You have to believe that you can go on in spite of disappointments or even betrayals. You see you are strong and the strength within you make it possible for you to rise above that which was meant to pull you down.


You Have the Power Within…

You have the power within you to dictate the course of your day. So often it is not the problems that you encounter so much as the way you deal with them that impact your life. Never allow others to control your emotions. Not every situation deserves your attention or even a response. Sometimes you have to ignore people and walk away from negativity.

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