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New Book

Cover Photo and Synopsis

Hi everyone. Here is a synopsis of my current work in progress

Darlene Wellington is devastated by the discovery that her husband Charles is having an affair with his secretary. Darlene is comforted by Pete, a stranger she meets at a club. He is a life savor at a time when she needs a shoulder to lean on. Pete makes it clear that he wants more than just friendship. However, a decision does not come easy. Will Darlene forgive Charles and try to save their marriage? And can things ever go back to where it used to be when trust is broken?

Tell me what you think of the cover.

Self Publishing

Self Publishing is the new Trend

Pile of Books ยท Free Stock Photo

More and more Authors are taking the plunge into the world of self publishing. Many feel if they wait to publish traditionally, they might never get published. Some people are of the view that a self publish Author can never meet up to the standard of a traditionally published one. This is not true. There are good writers in both sectors.