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Keep Knocking Until The Right Door Opens

It is tough to survive in this world. It takes courage to go on when you are faced with obstacles and adversity.. Take the man who is out of a job and has a family to take care of. He searches for work but all he is met with is closed doors and a, “No we are not hiring.” What does he do in this situation, give up? Of course not. He has to keep trying . He has to keep knocking on those door for eventually he will hear a yes, a door will open for him.

You see in life it is easy to give up when you keep trying with no positive result. However when you decide you will not settle for a NO; when you are prepared to face those closed doors and keep on knocking eventually one will open. It takes guts. It takes determination and the willpower to make it despite the odds. If you are searching at this moment for the right door to open, I say to you keep on knocking. It doesn’t mean you won’t get frustrated and feel like giving up. However be determined never to take NO as the final answer. When you find the right door it will open.

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