Daily Motivation

A Child’s Dream Versus Adulthood

How many of you when growing up had visions of what life would be as an adult? Many of us dreamed of being rich and successful, with the ability to get wherever our hearts desire.

What many of us never anticipated was, how hard it would be for us to get to where we want to be. Many attained success because they were determined to do so and failing was not an option. They dealt with the struggles, obstacles, and disappointments that was a part of their journey.

Others started the journey and quit along the way because it got too hard for them. If you are at the point where you think of quitting, here is a word of advice in this quote.

Never forget how far you have come. Everything you have gotten through. All the times you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn’t. All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was. All the times you wanted to give up but got through another day. Never forget how much strength you have developed along the way.

Author: marvaseaton

Marva Seaton is a Mom, Author, Blogger, and Poet. She is passionate about issues concerning woman and tries to highlight stories of those suffering abuse. She strongly believes in fairness, equality, and the empowerment of women.

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