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Having a relationship and making it work is sometimes a very difficult job. Often times relationships fail because partners do not work hard enough to make the relationship work. Many people have the misconception that when you meet someone and fall in love you have reached that milestone and when you say the vows and the ring goes on, it is as if that coveted prize has been won. However do not be fooled because it is then when the real work begins, the job of making sure that the relationship works out. If both parties are committed despite the odds it can work out.

Relationships can become complicated for many reasons. In many relationships after a while partners begin to take each other for granted. Some become less expressive and ‘I love you or I care for you’ is heard a lot less. It doesn’t mean that they love their partner any less, it just seem like it is no longer important to let their partner know how they feel. They take it for granted that the other person should know. Telling your partner that you love him or her every once in a while will help to reassure that person that you care about him or her.

Do not make important decisions without consulting your partner first. Be supportive and encourage each other. Do not ridicule or be unduly critical of each other. Never say hurtful words to each other because once you say those words even when you regret saying them the truth is you can’t take them back. Even if you later apologize it does not mean that your partner will not still feel hurt by what you said. Remember the things you say during an argument can be a reflection of what you are really feeling inside, so be careful what you say.

At all times treat each other with respect. Be honest with each other and being honest also means being faithful to each other. If you no longer love the person and wants to end the relationship be upfront and honest and let your partner know. It might be painful but it is better to let them know rather to go seeing someone else behind their back. That will be even more painful when they find out. Think before you act. Remember it is not a good thing to mess with someone heart.




  1. Good advice ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. jasminmgrady says:

    Everything you wrote on this blog is so true! another important tool to make a relationship work is proper communication.


  3. Mack says:

    Very true. I admire your thoughts toward saving the relationship. Thanks for sharing this!


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