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Photographs on the Internet


Teenagers often fall victims to peer pressure and do stupid things that sometimes cause serious repercussions. Time and time again pictures of young girls in uncompromising positions have been plastered all over the internet. One would think that these girls would learn from the past mistakes of others, but surprisingly they keep making the same mistakes.

Most of the times these were private photographs taken by their boyfriend or sent to their boyfriends. Although in many of these cases it is not a situation where these girls were posing for money or for these photographs to get out there for the whole world to see, but this is what happens. The pictures hit the internet and everything that they did in private is now on display for the world to see.

Teenage girls need to understand the consequences of taking nude photographs. Number one you should not be allowing anyone to photograph you in the nude. Secondly if you take these photographs of yourself,it should be for your eyes only. Do not send anyone photographs which might be a cause for embarrassment. No not trust anyone that much because if these photographs get into the wrong hands you have no control over where they might show up.


Something of this nature happened yesterday. Nude photographs of some young girls from a very small Caribbean island were published on Facebook what was even more disturbing was the fact that these girls name were published underneath the photographs. Now we are talking about a very small country with a population of less than 35,000 people. It means that most of these people know each other. So can you image your embarrassment as a parent when you discover that your daughter happens to be one of the girls involved. In such a small population the impact is much greater.

By this morning the pictures were taken down, but the harm has already been done. In just a few more weeks schools will reopen. It is going to be embarrassing for these girls, their parents and the schools they are identified with. Parents warn you your daughters about allowing themselves to become victims of situations like this.

Women in general need to be careful about photographs they pose for whether it be for their boyfriends or husbands. Trust is good but never be too trusting. Some people can be very revengeful and will do things just to get back at you. A relationship goes bad, you leave him and bam! your photos are out there on the internet for the world to see. I have seen it happen. It has happened time and time again and women still keep doing it. Listen up ladies stop acting naive. It is a harsh world out there so stop doing things that you know is likely to cause you embarrassment.  Live life, Love, but in all that you do RESPECT yourself!



  1. Mack says:

    Hi Marva!

    I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Beautiful Blogger Award and Inspiring Blog Award. I found your blog beautiful and you do inspire me in many ways so i believe you deserve this, too.

    Just take a look on this link to learn the rules:

    Congratulations! 🙂



    • marvaseaton says:

      Hi Mack,
      First I must say congratulations to you for being nominated for these awards. I find you blog very interesting and inspiring and wholeheartedly believe you deserve these awards. Next I must say thank you for nominating me. I will do my best to honor the rules of these awards. Once again congratulations and thank you!


      • Mack says:

        Hi Marva!

        You’re welcome! Thank you for coming in to my Diary as well! 🙂 I know it takes time to honor them all but I tell you, it’s worth it! Take care always! 🙂



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