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Hear the Children’s Cry

Hear the children’s voices,
crying out in unison,
Save us don’t kill us,
We are defenseless,
Don’t prey on us.
You are supposed to love us,
not hurt us,
Talk to us don’t curse us,
Provide a home for us,
don’t abandon us.
Feed us don’t starve us.
The angels in heaven are crying,
For all the children you are killing,
When did the world become,
Such a dangerous place,
Where not even the little babies are safe?


Mother At Sixteen

She was looking lost and forlorn,
frail body slouching forward,
holding tightly at the young child in her arms.
The baby was crying, she attempted to feed him,
but from the white cracks on her lips,
and her sunken eyes, you couldn’t help but wonder,
if she wasn’t hungry too.

She looked around anxiously,
as if expecting someone,
The shadows of evening are lengthening,
and she is all alone at the train station,
She is alone with her baby and a bag by her feet,
which holds all her earthly possessions.

Her mother’s harsh words still echoed in her ears,
‘Go find you baby father, find the man who breed you,
I can’t afford to take care a you an no baby!”
He said he would come, he said he would meet her here.
That was two days ago.
And here she was, still alone at the train station,
Just sixteen years old,
Alone and scared, with nowhere to go!