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Things you Fear

Harsh Reality

A few days ago I went to the movies with my daughters and sitting in the theater I found myself wondering… What if someone should come in shooting? Where could we run? Where could we hide? I was a little alarmed at having those thought because I don’t usually worry when I go to the movies. However with the frequency shootings are taking place, these are serious and well founded questions. We all have to have a plan on how we can try to survive if the unexpected happens.

Guns take lives. Guns create fear. The right of some to own guns should not impact on the rights of others to live.

Gun Violence

How long must we continue to live in fear from gun violence while those in charge do nothing about it. Why is it that those in leadership are reluctant to implement measures that might help to stop the continued massacre of innocent people. Could it be because they are in their safe little world and it does not affect them and their families. What will it take for them to say enough is enough?

Governor Cuomo Aide Dies

Forty-three year old Carey Gabay who was caught in the middle of a Brooklyn gun fight and got shot in the head on Sept 7 died on Wednesday. This is an unfortunate tragedy and a direct result of too many guns in the wrong hands. How many more innocent people will have to die before there are tougher gun laws? How longer will there continue to be talk and no action?

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