Renounce Hate

When I see what is going on around the country it makes me wonder how will all this play out in the end. Seeds of hate and division are sprouting all around us. We are becoming a nation divided… a nation where only people of a certain skin color are welcome. Ironically those who profess to be evangelicals seems to see nothing wrong with the hateful rhetorics and the seed of hate they are being sewed. They turn a blind eye. Safe in their religion they have forgotten that the Christ they profess to serve is one of love and acceptance. We must renounce hate and bigotry and come together as one nation. 

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  1. Be careful not to sow seeds of hate unwittingly. By lumping all (if any group) into a single stereotype, seeds begin to sprout. The seeds can be love (bloggers) or mistrust (some other religion) or hate (some political party that doesn’t line up with your beliefs. But, the act of “lumping” is in itself hateful. All evangelicals? Ummm… beware!

    • There is nothing in my post that suggest that people should hate anyone. We can point out facts without hating anyone. If any of the Evangelicals who stand behind this president has spoken out about his hateful rhetorics I will be only too happy to hear about it. Renouncing hate means we should come together in love and renounce hateful things when we see them happening. We can have different political views and agree to disagree without being hateful. Hate will get us nowhere.

      • Yes, I agree totally! Just have loved ones who are members of evangelical churches, and I guess I reacted to what appeared to be a generalization. I hope I didn’t offend you.

      • Not al all Jan. I am all for love and unity. It is one of the reason I loved and admired John McCain so much. He was the voice of logic and reason. We need to get along. A country divided does not bode well.

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