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Morning Motivation

Be Thankful

Some people spend so much time complaining they don’t seem to believe they have anything to be thankful for. Yet if we look around we can see the beauty of life in all it’s glory From the sun rising in the sky to the flowers growing wild. From the breeze that kiss our skin to the rain that cools the earth. For the gift of being able to see, speak and hear, we ought to be thankful.

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Morning Motivation

Keep a Positive Mind

It is so easy to be negative, especially when we see all that is happening around us. People now have no respect for human life. The simple things of going about our daily lives which we use to take for granted is not so anymore. Now we have to be super cautious of our surroundings and be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure our safety. Despite it all we cannot allow fear to win. We have to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best. Life is a beautiful thing.

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And so are the flowers!

Morning Motivation

So often we hear people complain about their lives. If only I was rich. If only I could afford that big house or that fast car. If only I could afford to take that trip. While you are feeling miserable about your life another person somewhere may be saying; Lord if only I could see the morning sun rise across the sky or if only I could get out of the bed, take a walk and feel the earth beneath my feet. For another it might be if only I had somewhere to rest my head tonight. No matter what your situation is someone else might have it worse so always appreciate what you have and give thanks.

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