Mistakes Women Make

Relationships can a complex thing and it takes both partners to make it work. The mistake a lot of women make is expecting an overgrown boy with no ambition, to play the role of a man.

Recently I felt bad for an individual who found her self in an unfortunate situation. She had a guy who wasn’t working. She was working three jobs, paying all the bill while he stayed idle with a lot of time on his hands. As the saying goes while the cat’s away the mice will play and that is exactly what he did. While she worked, he cheated.

I don’t say a woman can’t help a man while he tries to get on his feet but in your quest for love you must be wise. If you are out working putting food on the table and your man is showing you no appreciation stop and think. Is it worth it? If at the end of the day you are not coming home to a home cooked meal or even having him there to greet you when you walk through the door, ask yourself, does he care. If he never has time for you, do you really need him? A man with no plan or goal in life will drift from woman to woman and when he is old becomes a burden to the woman who was foolish enough to hang on to him. Be wise don’t waste your time on deadbeat men.

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  1. Good post…. Why it’s best to go off what a person is already showing you CONSISTENTLY, through their CONSISTENT actions over their CONSISTENT words and hoping for a person to reach potential you see in them…. because some people never reach it

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