International Women’s Day

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Throughout history women have had to fight and claw their way to get recognition in a male dominated world. This is not because women are not good enough, not educated, talented, or as hardworking as her male counterpart. However the stereotype that governs society dictates that she is the weaker sex and she is treated accordingly.

     This is of course nothing short of a joke, if we allow our conscious minds to meander down the path of the life of a woman. Can you imagine men dealing with monthly period, the discomfort, pain and mood swings that go along with it? Can you picture a man pregnant and walking around with another human life growing inside of him for nine months, experiencing the throes of labor and giving birth? Some men are so squeamish they would drop like a fly at the sight of blood. So let us be clear women are important and play a vital role in society not only as mother and a wife but as unique human beings.

Today let us celebrate the women of the world. Happy International Women’s Day!

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