Book Review

Today I will review Blood and justice by Rayven T. Hill. This book is a Murder/ Mystery. Overall, I give it a 4 star.

Blood and Justice: A Private Investigator Serial Killer Mystery (A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller Book 1)

The story is about a sixteen-year-old girl who goes missing. Her mother hires a couple who are private detectives to find her. It appears as if the police were not doing as much as they could to find her and were comfortable with this couple do their own investigation.

Soon after Jenny goes missing there is a series of murders, which grabs everyone’s attention. A serial killer is on a mission to rid the town of anyone he sees stealing. In his crazed mind he considers murdering them justice. When Jenny’s boyfriend is identified as one of the victims, fear increases that she might not be alive. The big question was who was committing the murders, and why. Was there a connection between them and Jenny’s disappearance. The killer turns out to be a seemingly harmless man who worked at the local grocery store. As a child someone had broken into Jeremy’s house. His father had shot the intruder dead but went to prison for manslaughter. Now he hates all thieves. Did he kill Jenny too? You will have to read the book to find our.

The pace of the story was slow but it was an interesting read. Some might not consider it a mystery since the reader knew who the killer was from the beginning. So, the only mystery was whether he would kill Jenny or set her free which I suppose was a mystery.

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