Thought For Today

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In a world of bitter, disgruntled people we have to find a common ground. You might not love everyone you come in  contact with but it is possible for us all to co-exist. We must stop focusing on the faults of others and remember that none of us are perfect. Treat people with kindness and respect and remember that the good you do will come back right to you. Be mindful also that if you do wrong to others you will reap a bitter harvest. As the saying goes ‘you reap what you sow’. Have a blessed day and speak peace to those you come in contact with today.


2 thoughts on “Thought For Today

  1. With man supposedly the smartest creature we can be so dumb! Getting along and working together as a world we could accomplish so much more than individually. I like this post, Marva. Great message! 🙂


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