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Todd Coontz *Minister or Trickster?*

It is not often that I touch on the topic of so-called preachers who use the pulpit to con people out of their money.  Todd Coontz apparently has a group of followers whom he has managed to brain wash over the years.  The sole purpose of his broadcasts is to get money out of them by whatever means necessary.
Those of you who listen to his broadcasts and are still sending him money have you ever heard him talking about anyone receiving any of the miracles he preaches about except for himself?  I have never heard a testimony of anyone who has benefited from sowing these faith seeds except for Todd Coontz himself.  Food for thoughts don’t you think?
Every broadcast is skillfully designed to convince people to send him money.  Wake up people no one is receiving any of the miracles he is preaching about except him.  God is not telling him to tell you to send him money.  Why would God do that?  He is  not even preaching the words of God.  Every broadcast is about money and the blessings that he Todd Coontz has received.
“FedEx comes to my house weekly,” he says.  He says FedEx comes to his house so often he gets excited every time he sees a FedEx truck.  He says he not only receives through FedEx but UPS as well and that he has never had so much financial blessings before as he has had in the last twenty-four months.  I guess the number of people sending him money have increased significantly.
Why isn’t any of the people who are sending him their money receiving any of the FedEx or UPS deliveries?  If they are I don’t hear him talking about it.  According to his preaching he is the only one I hear receiving any of the financial blessing he is promising.  He wants people to send him money, that is the whole purpose of his broadcasts.  It is not about God!  It has never been about God!  It is all about money!  Every time you send him money he receives a miracle, he not you.  But then what does he care, he says his miracles are not for every one so I suppose if you have no money or credit card you won’t qualify for one anyway.
May the Lord open the eyes and ears of those who continue to allow themselves to be deceived!

By marvaseaton

Marva Seaton is a Mom, Author, Blogger, and Poet. She is passionate about issues concerning woman and tries to highlight stories of those suffering abuse. She strongly believes in fairness, equality, and the empowerment of women.

16 replies on “Todd Coontz *Minister or Trickster?*”

I find it so to understand how some people are so evil and greedy to feed of the fears and hopes of those who are less well off. I believe that the people who send him money are those who can afford it the least. I understand why they do so, they want to believe that they will receive a miracle, I pray most people realize quite quickly that he is no more than a money stealing liar! I hope, God seeks recompense from him soon if God then not your Federal agencies . Sadly there are many more , if he should ‘disappear ‘ that will be ready to pop up and fill his boots. Be happy , be well and beware false prophets! xxxxxx


Money is like drugs to some people once they get hooked on it they will do anything necessary to get it. He obviously sees nothing wrong with using the name of God for his own benefit!


man have you ever googled this greedy money convict every single link has the word money on it.he says hungry children in almost every show he made when i was little the only reason i didnt belive him is because he over uses it.i was a child now ime 13 ime a very religious person and i dont think what this man is doing is any godlike things what so ever.yes people pray that this man takes no more inocent people in to his trap


This man is without conscience for almost a year now he has been promising people and eight minute miracle if they send him $273 and he tries to convince then that is what God want them to do. This lie is aired on the Word Channel almost twice a day. It is horrible what he is doing but his day of reckoning will come.


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