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A Tip for New Writers

As a writer it is important to value your craft and take pride in your work. Along with proper grammar and punctuation, correct formatting is also important to make your book readable. I once had a fellow writer who was promoting her book on Face Book. I went on Amazon to check it out and realized it had no proper formatting. Sentences ran into each other with no separation or paragraphs. It was unreadable. I reached out to the person via private message relaying what I had discovered and was shocked when the individual acknowledged that she was aware of it. I found it mind-boggling that someone would promote a book knowing it was next to impossible to read. Weeks later when I checked back it remained the same.

There is no point in publishing a book if no one can read it. Do not make that mistake. Good luck and happy writing.

Truth About Writing

You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and gradually you get better at it!

Octavia E. Butler

Hey, what do you think about this quote? I absolutely agree with it. Writing is a learning process where the more you write the more you grow.

Advice For New Writer



If you are just starting out on your writing journey, don’t let fear hold you back. Self doubt is always the biggest killer of dreams. Don’t let it that to hold you back. Never doubt your ability. Don’t tell yourself people won’t like what your write. Not everyone might love it, but some certainly will. The more you write the more you will gain confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing that book. Good luck and happy writing.

Should You Write the Way You Speak

Should you write the way you speak? The answer to this varies depending on who you ask. Effective communication is an important part of writing. The reader must be able to understand what you are saying. Not everyone use proper grammar when speaking. This is usually not acceptable in writing. However it is also important not to have writing that comes off too formal or stiff. Don’t fill your writing with a lot of complex words when simpler words could convey the same message. A few is fine but don’t over do it. Your reader wants to keep turning the pages, not constantly consulting a dictionary to understand what you are saying.  Good luck and happy writing.

The Use of Comma and Full Stop in Dialogue

Where you put the comma or full stop is important because it can change the meaning of a sentence. It does not happen often but I have come across writings where improper punctuation is used when writing dialogue, and full stop is used where a comma should be. Below are some examples.

  1. “I will have a soda with my sandwich.” Said Jane.  If you notice the first sentence ends at sandwich. What follows is an incomplete sentence. The correct punctuation should be, “I will have a soda with my sandwich,” said Jane.
  2. “Wait, I am coming.” Natalie said, as she hurried towards me.  In this case the first sentence ends at coming, and what follows is an incomplete sentence. The correct punctuation should be, “Wait, I am coming,” Natalie said, as she hurried towards me. 

Always read through what you have written to ensure you have complete sentences. Good luck and happy writing. 



New Book

Untamed Desires

Gabrielle Prescott was torn between the love for her husband and her love for another man. While she loved her husband Jeremy, Connor Russell seemed to be the one who could put out the flames of her untamed desires. She felt horrible cheating on Jeremy. Little did she know that Jeremy had his secrets too.

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Coming Soon!